CIU version 136


I have an idea: Should we bring back the removal of wave zones (was used before version 100) as an mountable handicap? Note that this will only improves scoring, not key drop rate. And mountable skills doesn’t affected (e.g. use SSH will still show the wave zones as normal, unless you mount that handicap above)
Plus, it can’t be used in competition.

  • Yes
  • No

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it did not contribute to real difficulty, only forced you to memorize the zones, hence the removal

I think from droid raid new boss.I’m so confused!

New Idea For v137:Add A Feature That Is Using MP3 File From Device To Make It Wave/Boss Music (Usually When Adding the mp3 audio we should do this action with 250 keys like the other music in galactic store)

You can do it for free with mod! (If you know how to use the mod tools)

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Bro please, stop mentioning iA to read your msgs, iA reads all the new messages in the forum and he’ll answer your questions if not answered before.


I wonder how many employees there are working for IA studio?

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hey i found that bug

The Dr.becker at broken flask and his attack from flask see at enemy pinkish!


Post less, PLEASE!! :angry:
If there’s nothing referring to the game, move it to Chatting Place, or DM.

I can’t understand what you are saying. Do you mean that after breaking a flask, he uses the flask’s effect even if it’s broken?

Its Just Like That Its not a bug

whos dr becker

well flask single broken can’t afford his boss from flask attack. this isn’t glitch they attack from flask again after broken

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Only one creative employee.

So I take it then that it should be way less than 1KB of data.


It cant be like that (fact the anniversary level size will be 102 MB Reffering To The CI Game On computer)

Please use edit function when having one message below.

It can be like that because as I keep saying mission is just a collection of already existing waves and IA even confirmed it that weekly is just a seed from server for client.

No way in heaven or hell anniversary mission weighs 102MB. Whole CIU weighs 437MB.

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