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So it means that I can install more ram sticks ?

If your shown device is laptop, then I’m afraid that you can’t, because as I said yesterday, laptop only support 2 DDR2 ram slot, so 4GB is max amount on it, unless your laptop has 4 slots, which is rare.
But desktop can be maxed out for 8GB, if you prefer multitasking then you can upgrade it. They’re cheap btw.


if you have empty ram slot on desktop/laptop
you can

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But I have potato . Just kidding , I have desktop .
Btw , Today i uploaded video of minecraft on my youtube channel.

So check your motherboard to see how many ram slots it has, before doing an upgrade.

I love ASUS P5Q Premium Motherboard.

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It has 4 Ram slots and some other slots .

2 empty slots
you can add 2 ram stick into it

You can install 2 more 2GB DDR2 RAM Stick. Pay attention that SODIMM and DIMM are different.

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What If I install 4 GB stick ?

“If you could find it then buy it”.
Just kidding, I don’t even know the existence of 4GB DDR2. Even though some online markets shows that they are, I still don’t believe it much.

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Thanks . Btw , my minecraft video has been uploaded , check :wink: https://youtu.be/6WlRFZiHZh8

64 Gb ram stick exists on planet earth.

More than that exists.

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It physically would not be able to hold more than 16 EB (16 384 TB). We aren’t reaching these values anytime soon but still.

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N i c e


much better.


Come back when 6969 :moyai:

Here’s mine