How did you find about Chicken invaders?

Because IA can.

CI2 demo. I remember trying to rush the Mother Hen Ship to get past Saturn.

btw bring back og ci2 theme pls

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and because he can…
… he has to.

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IIRC, iA said that he wont bring it back because it wont fit.
There’s a mod for it though.

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Oh, that’s the next best thing. Where can I find it?

Try this.
You need IAMI for it, you can get it from here

I asked ia about it


The og moments

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Your point is completely lost when no one understands you. Translate to English or don’t be heard. All on this forum try to make a post that all understand, for many their language is not English, but communicate anyway. Respect this please. Be well all…


(I used Deepl)

@No-Way Vertaal je berichten de volgende keer alsjeblieft in het Engels. Voor de rest, welkom op het forum!

(Please translate your posts into English next time. Other than what, welcome to the forums!)

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Since I was 7 years it was one of my childhood games my parents gave to me, I had CI2, CI3, CI4 Since then ( I got CI5 When I was 11 or 12 years) it was good old days.

if you are asking also how I found about the Universe version, well let’s just say that when I wanted to check if there is a “Chicken Invaders 6”, it only gave me the results of Universe version and how to download it, and that’s where I knew about it (Happened in 2019)


Hmm, actually why not

When i was 4th grade and on holiday to 5th grade, i stayed at my cousin’s house. She has a lot of games in her computer, but i don’t like them. several days later i tried to open file explorer, browsing through each file and found Chicken Invaders 4, and Chicken Invaders 3. tried to instal and play it for the first time, and i remember i was confused with overheat mechanic. Because of that, i stuck at level 10 when fighting Super Chick, cuz i was playing on veteran and didn’t know it was a difficulty. The last attempt in CI4 was on veteran, and The last boss i fight was Chicken Multiplicity with 2 heart left. I got my first game over there. The CI3 experience was when i played Comet Chase, lost a lot of lives, then fought Mysterious Ship with one life left. My longplay is when i got to Alpha Centauri, that wave 112 and 113, i almost rage quit because i kept dying by those chickens.

I find about Universe in 2018 when Ben Curtis (His name was Ben Courtney i think) played it and i thought it was a fangame. Later i find iA Youtube and find that CIU is real. I wanted to play it on mobile, didnt know the game is not available on mobile yet. Around December 2019, i got my first laptop and immediately instal CIU. Several days after new year my laptop got viruses and need to be reinstalled, and i forgot to backup my data, which means i lost everything. Thats why i stopped playinf CIU. Then, i come back to play it again At February 2022 until now i finally made some progress

Ah… what a good day though


My dad had bought the game from his friend at work via USB and brought it home. I played chicken invaders 1 for the first time and I loved it! Then he brought the 2 and 3. games. I should thank my dad’s friend lol.


When I was little, I don’t remember how old I was then, but when I came to visit Uncle Max, I then played the second part of chicken invaders. Then after I passed the second part, I wrote the name of the game in a piece of paper and searched on YouTube, and there it looked like a new part about yolk, but then I found out that it was the third part. And then I forgot, because then my memory was bad. Later, when I was a schoolboy, and since I didn’t remember the name, I searched YouTube in search of chicken insoles in space, in response YouTube helped me find chicken invaders, and then I remembered this one of my childhood again, and I played again and again. At first I downloaded it on my computer, but then I found out that these games are on android (I know that they are not on android now). I downloaded all the parts on android, but to complete it completely, you need to play with the Internet or buy the full version for real money, and then I bought the full version for real money. But since they are not available on android, I searched the Internet and downloaded, with the full version. I played the third, fourth and fifth. When I played new parts I lost half way through the game. Then after watching the walkthrough on YouTube, I tried to go through the new parts to the end, and I passed. And every time I played the 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th part of chicken invaders, I collected keys to buy in the store in the game. And yes, guys, remember, to earn more keys, you need to go into difficult mode or superhero every time, in the fourth part you need to earn 3040 keys, and in the fifth 3710 keys. And then I looked on YouTube and found out that there is also chicken invaders universe, at first I wasn’t interested, but after playing all the parts of chicken invaders, I just recently visited chicken invaders universe, downloaded, registered, and it seemed to be an online game, like among us and brawl stars. And yes, registration was difficult at first, but I managed and registered. Since then, I REALLY liked these chicken invaders games (2, 3, 4, 5, universe)! My rating is 10/10! Thanks to InterAction studios for giving me the games of my childhood! I love InterAction studios and the chicken invaders games! And yes, I’m from Russia! :smiley: :slightly_smiling_face: :blush: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :heart_eyes: :star_struck: :kissing_heart: :face_holding_back_tears: :heartpulse: :revolving_hearts: :two_hearts: :heart:


Wake up

idk try listen to this music while reading this

my English sucks but anyway
well, when I was a kid (i think I was 4 or 5 at that time) i remember i always go to the nearest library after school with my mom, and there was a kid zone with 2 pc, there were many games to choose but one time that catch my eyes, ah yes chicken invader 3, I remember seeing ci3 icon and thought it was a just a farming game cause of an innocent looking chicken but turns out it was a literal chicken torture game

also a funny story, I remember stuck in a main menu for 10 minutes just to figure out how to start the game
also yes this is the library so the sounds are off so I never hear the music until I played it on bro’s laptop

a few days later I see a boy playing that game, so I asked him if he can help me enter the game, he told me to click the above one, but since I was an idiot, I still can’t enter the game until he have to do it for me lol

I started to addict to this game and one day when I was at home, I play ci4 on bro’s laptop, and yes I was very addicted back then, ci4 prob one of my favorite games, even tho I was a suck ass, I got in love so much to the point I remake the clay version of it and roleplay the shit out of it and I even make the GIRL VERSION OF IT!!! (I can’t find that clay sorry but here’s the recent one I made lol)

times when by, I haven’t played this game since then until around October 2022, my brain decided to think about this game again and I found out that chicken invaders universe is free, so I decided to play and become addicted again lol, I started making fanart and stuff and meet a bunch of amazing people here and artists, and now I’m here! thank you for the memories and nostalgia, seeing my past self struggle to pass the stage, once you have more experiments you can go back to your mistake and achieve it


well, my first ci was ci2 I think I was 7 years old at that time (currently I’m 17 years old) I always played it with a friend and a cousin and we always lost in the wave of asteroids and the ground level, then I left the game forgotten since I played that computer at that friend’s house, after a few years my little brother remembered that game and told me to install it and after seeing the deliveries I was surprised and tried them, I liked them so much that I ended up becoming fond of them with the game, a few months later I’ve been realizing ciu and well I’ve been logging in for 46 days in a row

Found the first game in my pc my parent use to love it and me too
But short after i start to play new game one by one (inoreder) so keep up with the story
I though after ciu5 the team develper are dead oh wait i found the ealry accuess one years late and i was OMG this gone be the best of them all :laughing:

more detail and less grammar:

i played the game when i was two (sorry i misremembered i was two because no kindergarten keeping me away from the game) and my dad taught me how to open folders on his XP and i explored his PC while being unnoticed >:). after a while my default mindset was “if the icon looks fancy and unfamiliar then it’s a video game”, so i went ahead and “yooooo is that a chicken?” and launched the game. “ooooh is that a fork? oooooooooooh it is my cursor!?!?! what are these buttons for i don’t see a triangle one. save the world next YOOOOO my cursor is a spaceship now?!?! clicks YOOOOOOOOOOOO IT SHOOOOOTSSS!!! hey aren’t these chickens click YOOO I KILLED THE CHICKEN! YOOOOOOOOOOO EATING THE CHICKEN HAVE CHOMPING SOUNDS THATS FUNNY!” then i would wake up next day earlier than my parents and find the game again. wild experience.


My first game of the whole saga was Ci3, looking for things on the internet I found it accidentally on a certain page, at the time I tried it I loved it so much that I started to play a lot, years later I find out that Ciu comes out totally free and I go to try it the first time I think I was not convinced something (It was when Ciu just came out) 2 years pass and I decide to give it a second chance and now I usually play it every now and then :laughing: