Mod installer and public mods

I tried to open it but it didn’t work, so I opened it with Terminal to see if ther was an error message, but it opened correctly because it’s a TUI application and not a GUI one. You should say that (that the program doesn’t have a GUI and has to be opened with Command Line).

When you launch it, no matter if through CMD or just by clicking .exe, it will show you console screen. It’s strange that you managed to launch it via CMD however, if .exe didn’t work.

I use wine in Linux so it’s like that for me and maybe for some versions of Windows.

I think that’s the reason. I didn’t test this on Linux at all and I don’t really think it will work correctly there because I used some windows libs.

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Could you make this tool open source? (I want to make an MS-DOS version for UVE32 games).

Can’t. One of the rules InterAction studios said to me when I asked if I can make a mod installer was that it “must not provade unfair advantage”, and if it’s open source, anyone can edit mod file. We were thinking about all this stuff a lot when this project started.


Apart from replacing the game’s .dat file with the mod’s, what does this program does exactly?

Pretty much nothing, except for the part where it saves backup and tries to prevent any errors, like replacing not existing file.

My hard disk was filled when I ran the program I don’t know why, and the contents of the MS-DOS version I was programming then were removed and I will have to program it again. I’m not sure if my hard disk was filled because of IAMI, but it’s the only reason I can understand. Do you know why did this happen?

I reprogrammed it!
Here are screenshots:


I have no functions of removing files in code, only for rewriting hq2x which can’t break more than one file.

The program didn’t remove It. The program filled my disk space and because of that the program contents were removed.

It doesn’t create anything besides backup file which is as big as hq2x you are using (and you can turn this off). The rest is in RAM.

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How much will still up to download? (I cant use my computer for 20 days)

Can’t wait for a Metal Slug mod!

Prolly gonna compile what fits best and request for a mod

Feel free to add me and Mishel to a PM, we can help you

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Welp, guess I’ll upload my mod too soon. I’ve been planning to do a Library of Ruina/Lobotomy Corporation mod (though i had to use some songs from other games because most of the songs don’t really fit well) and it’s almost done (heh, almost…). man the installer is cool i can finally use shitpost mods easily aaaaaa

What about CI4 and CI5.jpeg

As long as developer is ok with that.
@Enhawk We discussed jpeg mods. As they replace almost every file in the game, there are three problems:

  1. The mod will have huge size.
  2. As I said, IAMI is pretty slow for now, and with average speed for CIU 10 files per minute, for 700-800 files it’ll more than an hour (in other games this speed should be a bit faster but still takes unreasonably long time).
  3. The way mods are created. We use different tool and it isn’t handy for large amount of files which is what I was going to fix soon.

What is IAMT? InterAction Mod Tool? Is it available for download? What does it do?