Frequently Asked Questions

There are some some questions which almost every new user asks because they don’t read plan updates and F.A.Q. There will be answers for them to facilitate the work of IA and forum members.

:question:: When there will be Android/iOS/ :penguin: version?

:grey_exclamation:: When it’s done. These versions will be released after full release of the game.

:question:: I can’t login! Game asks to update! How can I update the game?

:grey_exclamation:: Install newer version above previous without deleting it. In that case your data will be saved.

:question:: Please add my language into the game!

:grey_exclamation:: There are a lot of typos in English right now. Different languages will be added after full release to decrease translators’ work and bugs.

:question:: Co-op?

:grey_exclamation:: Maybe later, but very likely not before the game is released, nor shortly afterwards.

:question:: Add the function to save data with your account! I don’t want to have to play again from the beginning! and Where is my save data and how it works? and How can I transfer my data to other device?

:grey_exclamation:: After the full release you will be able to buy the Chicken Hunter License which allows you to save your progress via E-Mail. Your save data is on C:\ProgramData\InterAction studios\CIU\*your_version_folder*. Data contains your profile information so you can use your data from 6th version on 15th for example on every device (except phones because there is no mobile version yet).

:question:: Will the game be released on PS[×]/XBOX[×]/Switch?

:grey_exclamation:: No.

:question:: How much $(US)/€(EU) do we need to buy CIU?

:grey_exclamation:: Game will be free for everyone but your savedata will be only on your device. If you want to connect your devices with one account, you will be able to buy Chicken Hunter License for ~€4,50 (~5 USD).

:question:: Why bosses here are harder than in CI3/4/5?

:grey_exclamation:: In Chicken Invaders Universe, bosses and waves difficulty depends on mission difficulty level (orange indicator), mission tier and selected skill. If bosses are too hard for you, try to use “Tourist” skill and different mission.

:question:: Why is bumping (writing comments under forgotten topic) bad?

:grey_exclamation:: If you write something under not updated for a long time topic it will jump at the start of topic list and will move down newer, more important topics. If the post wasn’t updated during months, there is possibility they just forgot about it and possibility that they don’t need to discuss it anymore (You can check this by previous posts). If you have something important to say — write, but make sure you will not disturb anyone with something like “I agree with you!”, there is :hearts: button for something like that.

:question:: Why those users told me to stop to do something? They even are not moders, why should I listen them?

:grey_exclamation:: Most of the forum members are people, whose opinion is put above others but you should always listen any users when they say you broke forum rules or something like this. You should stop and check them to make sure you don’t brake it or correct your behaviour if you broke them.

:question:: When’s the final release?

:grey_exclamation:: When it’s done. This game is quite large and a lot of glitches exist now. You want to have the game ready in the final release, don’t you?

:question:: How much description of an idea should I provide?

:grey_exclamation:: As much as you can. People need to understand what are you talking about and all ideas, especially not very simple ones like weapons or game mechanics for example, need to be explained clearly.

:question:: Why chickens but not penguins?:penguin:

:grey_exclamation:: Penguins are too cool bro :sunglasses:.

:question:: Where can I find main F.A.Q topic?


:question:: Why did that user say my idea isn’t good?

:grey_exclamation:: Any idea has good and bad sides for every aspect. If one user said that he doesn’t like your idea it doesn’t mean that your idea is bad. This user should explain why he doesn’t like it, and you can change idea a bit to make everyone happy.

:question:: Why are some weapons so ridiculously underpowered?

:grey_exclamation:: Because most of weapons didn’t change since they were created for CI episodes. New enemies resulted some weapons be overpowered and other be useless. Weapons will be rebalanced in future.

:question:: Why does food not give missiles?

:grey_exclamation:: Now you can use food only to sell it in Space Burger to get some keys. Use galaxy shop or aftermarket to buy missiles.

:question:: Can I win the game?

:grey_exclamation:: You can’t because there is no end of the plot. Also, to be clear here, it’s a MMO.

:question:: How can I engage with the community or leave feedback?

:grey_exclamation:: You can use this forum to communicate with players or developers. If you have any questions, check if it wasn’t answered in this topic or other ones by image button.

:question:: How can I help the game?

:grey_exclamation:: Suggest your ideas or improvements on forum and leave your feedback!

:question:: What important topics should I read?

:grey_exclamation:: Most important topics for new users are: Plan updates, FAQ, This F.A.Q.

:question:: How to get Trust level 3 / “Regular”?

:grey_exclamation:: To get to trust level 3 (Regular), in the last 100 days:

  • Must have visited at least 50% of days
  • Must have replied to at least 10 different topics
  • Of topics created in the last 100 days, must have viewed 25% (capped at 500)
  • Of posts created in the last 100 days, must have read 25% (capped at 20k)
  • Must have received 20 likes, and given 30 likes.*
  • Must not have received more than 5 spam or offensive flags (with unique posts and unique users for each, confirmed by a moderator)
  • Must not have been suspended

Important references forum users use sometimes:

:question:: Who is @ChickenInvadersFan72?

:grey_exclamation:: He made the biggest spam attack on the forum and had been banned for 1000 years.

:question:: What is the "Mad chicken disease?"

:grey_exclamation:: It’s a term which refers to a user’s bout of bad behaviour (like spammers, “F█ck u”-ers and others)

Please, write questions below to make this topic more useful. I will add them as soon as I will be free.


“Why is bumping bad?”


When’s the final releaſe?
How much deſcription of an idea ſhould I provide?

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Who is chickeninvadersfan27?
Well many of us(the very first members) know him and use his name to refer to those who has bad behavior but new members will probably don’t know him

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No, that’s not really neceſſary.


they exist, but have you ever heard that we want to help them?

Why chickens but not penguins…


I’m realy sorry it took that long. Updated post with Traveller’s, BinhTurtle’s and PenguinBOI’s suggestions.

(sorry for bumping)
“How much US$/Euro do we need to buy CIU?”

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I don’t recall IA ever ſaying that it would definitely be added. I would change this reply to “Maybe later, but very likely not before the game is releaſed, nor ſhortly afterwards.”


It’s “buy” not “but” lmao

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Wasn’t it €5, not $5?
Edit: Actuälly, the firſt plan update ſaid “near the $5 mark”.

If I use $ sign twice, text format brakes. So I changed it to 4.5€ because it’s the same.

Why are you replying this to me, lol

I suggest you to add:

“Why yolk star has 6 cannons???”

I think that new playes needs to know that bosses becomes more harder the mission and the skill level is.
Because I see very often new topics asking why bosses are harder

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Not 6, 7.

This is overoptimiſtic. The anſwer is no.


Chicken invaders on psp is my dream that will not come true.

Atleast there was a fanmade version of it for the PSP.

And it’s terrible. Asteroids which drop drumsticks. My worst nightmare :slight_smile: .