Weapon Reskin Library V2.0

Gonna try it later

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Well, guess you’re welcome, and yes, they do look better in-game

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Does this ban you and how do you change skin?

No It won’t ban you

Cool and how do you change skin?

You need to use @VerMishelb’s modding tool:

Dowload the reskins using the link in this topic, then follow the instructions in the readme if you’re having trouble. :wink:

(And no, you won’t get banned. Mods aren’t officially supported, but they’re permitted as long as there’s no gameplay impact.)


Didn’t iA say he’d support modding if it didn’t give players unfair advantages or increased support costs?

Didn’t say that support, but not against it.


is the “File format” the wad or the file extension?

That was when WAD 4 was made but not released yet, so, near v34 I think.

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Actually, Francis is right (although according to a DM of mine, so idk if he had the same conversation):

(I didn’t see anything in the ToS about sharing DM conversations, if that’s not etiquette or if @InterAction_studios doesn’t want this public, I can delete this message)


Well, only a few amount of people can create mods, and we just do it for fun, we won’t make the game unfair

Hype, I guess so.

Yeah but that’s just in EA. If the game becomes really (or even moderately) successful and has a competitive online aspect, you can bet that someone else out there will figure out how to mod it too, and use that for more nefarious purposes.
So I understand IA’s concern, frankly, even though it is a bit disappointing as well.


The way we found a method to have file paths for WAD 4 is so dumb that I’m 89% sure nobody will try doing the same.

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Yeah, but think about the size of the community now compared to release. I can see where the concern lies.

It’s just 1-11K right now. To get to that big estimates, we would need a lot of currently non-existent revenue to hook in at least some more people in. Even if CIU did break it and got really big, there would be really few people who would in fact willingly attempt to crack CIU’s source code considering how well protected it is. For reference TF2 even with it’s age old code and millions of players has had very few incidents of the source code being leaked. So the chances of that happening are very, and I mean very slim.

Whoa there, calm down bud, that’s kind of an overestimation. 1,000? Maybe. 11,000? Not a chance.

Those are not the same things.

If you would like to leak CIU source code you would need to hack in IA device where he has the source code saved. You can’t get source code just by hacking the game. There’s something like decompiler, but the only thing you would accomplish is get binary code which you can kind of convert to programming code, but it won’t be like source code. For example things might straight not work anymore and you can’t recover comments in the code. And we know for sure that IA uses it. Uses comments as a to-do list which is weird flex for me, but whatever works for him.

Wait, really?