Space Burger Cuisine Workshop - CREATE YOUR OWN FOOD!

“Ever feeling bored by eating the same meal over and over everyday? Are the 6 Cuisines still not look delicious too you? Are you tired of seeing the rare and elusive red fish? Well boy, we have something for you!”

Greetings, recruit!

Welcome to the Space Burger Cuisine Workshop where you can create and Request your own Cuisine! The steps are very simple as we chefs in the Space Burger have been tampering with the game for a while <> :skull::moyai:

After trials and errors, we’re hereby announcing two customizable Tables/Menus for your own future cuisine!

Menu #1: HD Table (128 x 128)

Menu #2: XL Table (256 x 256)

The stock burger cuisine and spacecrafts are sizes in-game for you to compare and measure your cuisine. If you still don’t know how to scale stuff, we recommend you using the 128 x 128 Table.

How to create your own Cuisine:

Step 1: Download a cuisine table above (DO NOT SCREENSHOT).

Step 2: Open your usual Photo editing software. Place your images (we recommend transparent pngs) in your desired slot. Do not let any pixel out of the slots (The cuisine can still touch the borders). If you are talented, draw them!

Step 3: Remove the Cuisine Table to Extract the Cuisine as PNG.

Note: The Cuisine you exported must have the original resolution of the Table you downloaded or else it won’t work/will crash your game (try an image hosting site that doesn’t compress the Quality). If you could export your Cuisine as TGA, it’s even more awesome! (TGA must be uncompressed, send it through an archive/zipped) (Thanks @VerMishelb)

Step 4: Send your Cuisine to one of our Cooks (@ScarletCuboids, @ordinary_ryxt, @???,…) and wait for your cuisine to be cooked. When sending, you should use this format:

Cuisine Name:
Cuisine Description:
Cuisine Creator (optional, use if your cuisine are drawings):
Cuisine Replaces (repalces which cuisine):


Cuisine Name: Pumpkin Cuisine
Cuisine Description: The Harvest season is coming!
Cuisine Creator: Slobber9000
Cuisine Replaces: Pizza Cuisine

We recommend using Discord DM when request for a Cuisine. Or just put it here! (Remember to keep the original resolution though)

After some time, your cuisine will be made as .CIUmod. Use VerMishelb’s IAMI to install the cuisine! Remember to update your CIU.iami for it to work!

Step 5: Profit!


Once your cuisine has completed cooking, you can publish it with your own credit!

Note: due to limitations, we only accept up to 3 cuisines for a single mod. Each recruit can only request up to 3 cuisines per week.

We also recommend using a good photoshop software (, Abode Photoshop, GIMP,…) when creating your own cuisine. And of course you need to know the basic knowledge of manipulating images first.

psst, IAMT gang, DM me on discord for the preload file…

Rules when creating your Cuisine:

1: NO NSFW Cuisines we do not like creating cuisines that are not good for human eye, or even chicken eye!

2: NO Unfair Advantages cuisines are purely cosmetic so if you are trying to find a way for it to display something that helps sou in scoring or visual advantages, screw yourself.

3: NO Bad Cuisines cuisines that are made to insult, bully or harass someone are forbidden.

4: NO Selling Cuisines we do not promote selling mods/cuisines with real money or even in-game keys in any circumstances (against game ToS, duh!). All cuisines are free for everyone to use (unless you want that cuisine as private/personal use).

Still concerned? Here are some Sample Cuisines that we’ve utilized the Table, works super nice! (Well, sort of): [Workshop Samples]


Mishelb cuisine.


hmm, yeah, seeing one of your friends turn to burger is really good to your eyes

RLE. You forgot to mention the most important thing. TGA must not be compressed. To reduce size of uncompressed TGA an easy way is to put it into an archive.


Zip n Rawr

Make Doom cuisine

Make it yourself

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VerMishelb Cuisine.


I have added some Sample Cuisines.


Raiden with a job :scream:


maybe I’ll try to cook something, but I don’t know much about cooking ¯\(°_o)/¯

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Cook some gold :smiling_imp: .

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Put them on fire. :smiling_imp:

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Here new cuisine roasted alive chickens ,by me .
Thanks for @ScarletCuboids for install it as a mod for me .
You can download it here .


why this exists

First of all, I want to thank @ScarletCuboids for cooking these delicious things (I don’t know if eating bricks is healthy …)

I present my unusual collection (which is probably too conspicuous in missions so I will probably consider them experimental)

Tetris Food Collection

This collection consists of 6 dishes:

Classic Tetris

Tetris from the 80’s

Tetris 99

Tetris Black-White

Tetris Effect

The origins of Tetris

Yes, I know, at first glance (or in general) it looks quite unusual and funny.
But you don’t have to judge a book by its cover, do you?
!IMPORTANT! (1. It’s best to play with this food during a boss fight!
2.differently arrange food for individual missions because once I mistook one pack of food for a UFO fragment :sweat:)
Despite everything, I encourage you to play this texturpack :slight_smile:


tetris effect has dynamic skins so shoving all of them into one cuisine looks kinda weird, i prefer them being seperated cuisines

crocs cuisine

le zipe (not .ciumod):
cuisine name: croc
cuisine descripción: croc
cuisine creator: @anon95805557 or Doge123#3426 on discord (preferable send the drug to ma discord accoun)
cuisine replaces: piza

normal croc - gives 1 food - basic croc tier leevl
croc full hd 4k no fake real 100% mierda - gives 10 food - it’s a big cuality croc and its read and cool
chueck crocs - gives 3 foods - crocs from that fat and gren dude
croc ojota - gives 1 food - bad croc, why the fuck did you brought me these crocs when you could have broght the fucking brazilian ones instead,,,
cars croc - gives 1 food - best movie croc
pink croc - gives 1 food - pink croc
squished croc - gives 2 food - accidentally step on it, sorry please don’t take me to the basement
capitán américa croc - gives 3 food - croc,,, américa
tall croc - gives 4 toods - time passes like a blink, they grow fast-
big croc - gives 5 food - i’ts big,, whatelse did you expect

whould be thankful if you kooc thes

help me pls, i done this in 20 minutes for the hahas and now i regret it


I’d rather take the bus.