Ban Modding CIU or not?

are u sure i doesnt notice that ?

Anyways please stop begging about releasing or giving modding tools for you, please.
People in this forum already said that they will never release or let you know how to fully modding this game.

so why do you think modifier is hacking?

can u comparing the “xxxx Mod Apk v1.0.0” and “Mod CIU”?

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already know, useless words

And if you still want to mod this game, check this page.
There are several things that anyone here can mod.

then why do you keep begging
please stop

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most useless words i have seen


Whatever. Everyone please stop.
If you keep asking it again, I will ask iA to close this topic.

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ok :wink:

the henpire strikes back


requesting closure of topic


For me, the issue is simple … all those people who have and developed an unlocked version of IAMT and don’t want to share it are just despicable egotists. I’ve suspected it before, and to me it looks like some kind of mental problem. i’ve been asking for many months for this program and nothing just nothing.

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look everybody, people who mod are trusted and know what they’re doing, they give themselves disadvantages not advantages, they use the mod tool as it’s supposed to be used, to make a simple reskin , to make weapons look easier to see, to completely turn a boss into a joke, they don’t use it to make the game easier for them, they just use it for the fun of everyone, if you want a mod so badly, ask someone to make it, not ask for the whole freaking mod tool.
my fair opinion is, the less people have that mod tool the better, you’re not in charge here you can simply be banned, you’ll come back be banned again, and again and again till you get tired, just leave the water flow and we’ll all be happy

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Couldn’t agree more

but it only modifies the textures and not the whole game and they hide it as if I don’t know what it does for example change the health damage values etc…

why do you all keep acting as if you can’t live without mod

Develop reading comprehension and take it up with the dev. Or, better yet, don’t, and give it a rest.



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NO bro . WTF