Early Access version 56

I don’t have any mod (Because I don’t know how to mod it)

At least we already have all of them

I also don’t know to mod it

then it shouldn’t have happened

Weird glitch

or you have made any changes to the .hq2x file?

Just for your information, Mishelb released his mod installer here: Mod installer and public mods

I never touch that thing

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Game folder

obviously u can’t touch but u can click

r u sure u downloaded it safely?


I remove that thing go

match these files with your folder

are they all complete?

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they are complete,
try restarting your device /
redownload it.
that should work

Yes, It’s normal (maybe)
Thank you for helping me

ur welcome!

okay i if i want to return data (i lost CIU data) i should download V56 or what?

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Ask iA already

Well this issue can happen because maybe the game is running badly, so you are lucky because restarting the device solved it, either you don’t have any choice is to delete the games and all it’s files and reinstall it, and it might reset your progress, but it’s ok, you can ask IA to restore it

You know what to do :\