Post your best ideas! (In your opinion)

  1. (IDEA 100% FINISHED) UP TO 12 NEW WAVES! Heavier Metal, Chicken Heroes, Treasury, Chicken Prison, Come to Papa, Playground, Summon By Ritual, Castle of Chicks, Find the Difference, Road to Inside, Chain Reaction and The Heaviest Metal - #50 by InterAction_studios
  2. New U.C.O. variety!
  3. Barrier Switch, Spectral Barriers and their mechanics - #10
  4. Return of the Master of Time!
    These are my favorite!

Yours, not others’ ideas.


For paintjobs:

For rankings:

That’s it so far.


you just hyperlink your idea and post the hyperlink not the link address from the address bar and it will appear like that.

Boss Concept: The Egg Cannon Cannon Cannon Cannonade v.2

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Well, Chickno


this thing

New good Medal and About shoot the core

This is my idea that I think is my best (i mean i only have 6 topics to compare with so idk)

It is so sad to see that the spacecraft tutorials topic kinda died

My favourite ideas are:

Just think about how refreshing slob, toxic and cowards were at release.
We don’t get a new breed since… when? V.35?

I have litteraly spent hours to made all of them (And I’m still surprised people still suggest new and original concepts)


(And I still have to put images to every breed…)

Seeng your own idea in the game is something amazing.
I think that I must thank Interaction again for this.

Then… I think that bossa nova shouldn’t be a thing of wasn’t for this idea

This was firstly tought when bombers got released.
They may have huge flaws but still have interesting mechanics.

Different playstyles. A thing we didn’t tought we needed but is greatly appreceated

  1. Unique HUD Icons
  2. Music viewer
  3. Ship glow/outline
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IDK who liked it but here it is

I earned Nice Topic on it

This is the one idea what i most like (8.75)

If we had extra chapters in the episodes involving these new mechanics then they would be far more replayable and interesting.

Here’s one of mine btw

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