New Boss: Hen Frost

This is supposed to be a joke boss, as this is meant to be a parody of a certain character. But I realized that there should be a boss matching Frozen missions, although this should not be exclusive on that mission type.

Attack 1: Snowflake Drop

  • Similar to one of The Heart of Darkness’ attacks. It drops 4 snowflakes downwards with a curvy pattern, just like how snowflakes fall.
  • Number of snowflakes dropped by this enemy depends on difficulty with 2 on Tourist.
  • Sprite should be adjusted of course.

Attack 2: Freeze Screen

  • Freezes the screen around the enemy making it less visible to the player and has the same mechanic as on Frozen missions. This will be more opaque on if this appeared on Frozen missions — like they stack on each other.
  • My suggestion that this would be a passive ability, intensity would increase as this enemy’s health goes lower.

Attack 3: Icicle Missile

  • Launches 6 icicles all ready from its back heading straight outside of the screen and then targets the player one by one.
  • These icicles are destructible, like their CI5 counterpart.
  • Icicles spawn from the back of the enemy itself in a manner like this:

I probably suggest an alternative design similar to Sweater Chicken, if this doesn’t fit or in case ZUN copystrike this. Also, cursed image below:



Very Cool !!!
hope they add this

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This got a lot of likes but… the patterns seem very simple. Maybe it’s because I haven’t played CIU in a long while, but I don’t see this boss as a big threat.


Good point.We do need more hard boſſes.


I saw this picture somewhere…

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I feel that newer boss doesn’t pose a threat as much as the older one.

That sweater chicken is absolutely barbaric

It might not be difficult enough because of the simplicity of its attack pattern. Let it perform all of it’s attacks simultaneously (spam snowflakes + missiles) together with the distracted view.

In short: simple =/= boring; complex =/= difficult.


Decent idea. Worth implementing I think.

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