About shoot the core

we know shoot the core is a apple remnants not a complete apple my idea is this apple turn to a complete apple in the game when you damage it 25% A quarter of this apple destroy and 50% Another quarter destroy And so on >i hope you understand me .

Sorry for bad English
Sorry that I could not explain my idea well because I do not have a montage program.


So when it’s is complete would it attack, or the player need to shoot it first so it could attack?
And also when it reaches 25% would it attack the same as when it reaches 50% ot a little less?

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I have something similar about Bossa Nova and Magnetic Manipulator. The less life they have, the faster the BN rotates its shards. And MM drop out asteroids.


So basically you “eat” the apple with your gun? Well, it will require more sprite. I don’t know if IA would do that.


not eat i said destroy

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That defeats the whole pun of it being an Apple Core, though. The joke might get lost for non-English native speakers, but it’s actually quite a funny wordplay.


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