Medals, medals everywhere not a reward to get

Sorry for the dramatic title, but the fact is clear. Medals don’t really have a reward for the effort gone into them. There are a lot of medals in CIU which require a lot of effort put into them which are not limited to Extreme Unpreparedness, Either Brave or Stupid, etc. In my case, I don’t like using satellites so I try to avoid using them whenever I can (so please don’t ask me why I have so many One-Man Army medals with me), but I don’t really get any reward for them even though I kept ignoring an item which makes my life a whole lot easier.

The solution? A bit of extra score either after acquiring or after a mission added to the player’s current score. This allows for a more challenging competitive playground for those who want to get a bit of extra score while also helping players to attain tiers more faster. Harder medals give out more score while easier one’s give less score. Players who will try to exploit this by playing at lower difficulties will get lower score per difficulty, making them try to use a harder skill level.

I’d like to hear the community’s thoughts and opinions on this. Any feedback, suggestions or cake will help a lot. Thank you for reading this, and stay safe.



Starting with v.40 (:medal_sports: Idea), medals will be worth points. Question is, how many points?

A first approach:

  • Wave-level medals: 1000 points each

    • Awarded for performing a multi-kill of 40 or more enemies
    • Awarded for 90% shot accuracy in a single wave
    • Awarded for 90% food collection in a single wave
  • Stage-level medals: 10,000 points each

    • Awarded for 90% coin collection in a single stage
    • Awarded for 90% kill ratio in a single stage
    • Awarded for no deaths in a single stage
    • Awarded for not using any special weapons in a single stage
    • Awarded for not using satellites in a single stage
    • Awarded for not collecting any power-ups in a single stage
  • Mission-level medals: 20,000 points each

    • Awarded for 90% food collection in an entire mission
    • Awarded for completing an entire mission without using any special weapons
    • Awarded for completing an entire mission without using satellites
    • Awarded for completing an entire mission without dying once
    • Awarded for not overheating in an entire mission
    • Awarded for successfully completing a mission without any mountable equipment or satellites
  • Trophies: No points



I think that theſe ſhould be ſcaled by miſſion length and ſlightly by difficulty:

and theſe ſhould be ſcaled by difficulty and ſlightly by length:

and theſe ſhould be ſcaled ſignificantly by both:


i think it is okey

Make the “Greatest Chicken Hunter of All Time” worth more depending on difficulty? Up to 100,000.

As for the “Either Brave or Stupid” medal, maybe push it up to 30,000 considering no one would go out of their way for this one.

Medal of Extreme Unpreparedness can also be ridiculously hard, so I suggest putting this on the same level as the “no death” medal.


Not only is it hard, if you fail you end up loſing out on ſeveral other medals (not to mention the points) for the miſſion, ſo there’s a fair amount of preſſure to ſucceed.


Nice quality of life addition! I didn’t know I need it so much!
Can we just think about the fact that it will be way more easier to grind tiers?
Is it possible that tiers will may require more points due to this inflation?


I guess…

The much bigger thing that these changes would affect are the daily challenges. If those point rewards add to the base points for the mission (instead of just pure 20k after the mission results) I believe they are going to be pretty important to look over, and stuff like dying or using satellites would cost us a lot more. I really dig these changes!


I agree, but why trophies doesn’t give points?

Totally on board with this, I may actually do well in dailies now bc I kind of have an unhealthy obsession with medals :joy:
In any case, this will really boost the attention on actually playing well rather than score farming tricks (mass condenser) which should be nice to see - score will more accurately reflect actual skill, I believe.
@InterAction_studios - can we maybe add the relevant score values to the description for each medal? So that mousing over them on the trophy screen tells us their score value.

I 100% agree that a simple system like this proposed one should be used in the first implementation, so it’s easier to gauge the impact, but that being said, I would expect certain values to change in the long-term scheme of things - some that I’d like to bring up:

Maybe slightly more than the other two? Nothing massive, but many players who have thousands upon thousands of Annihilation/Appetite medals only have a few hundred of these by comparison, so I feel like they are intrinsically worth more. That said, playing Absolver makes these waaay easier to get than multikills, so it might skew weapon favouritism to do that… I’d like to hear others thoughts.

I agree with @OneWingLunarian that this is worth way more than any of the other stage-level medals - most high-tier players have, like, five of these or something. Even when you’re going for it, it is so easy to just instinctively grab a powerup, and you tend to get really flustered and careless whenever one is on-screen. You’re already giving up on a decent amount of points just from not getting the powerup bonuses.

@Traveller is correct that these should scale at least with mission length - I feel a basis of 1k per wave seems reasonable. (And remember, this isn’t 1k for each wave you don’t overheat, but 1k for each wave if you never overheat… seems fair to me).

This is definitely a bigger deal than the others, and difficulty scaling is a significant impact on it too.

Can we put this in perspective for a second? By getting a Medal of Extreme Unpreparedness, you are therefore:

  • Also getting a Greatest Chicken Hunter of All Time
  • Also getting a Medal of… Extreme Self-Restraint? (The no special weapon one)
  • Probably getting the One-Man Army (unless you’ve grabbed a satellite mid-mission)
  • Probably giving up on a lot of points already because you are relying solely on your weapon (no specials or perks or anything) to carry you through - no doubt missing some clean sweeps and whatnot.
  • And, in the case of dailies, risking completely forfeiting your run if you die even once.

And you’re doing all that simultaneously.
So, even though it’s trophy icon is deceptively small, this should easily be the most valuable medal in terms of points. It needs to at least make up for the points that you’re probably letting go through the rest of the run in order to get it.

And that is how it ought to be.


Failing to get a trophy (failing a mission) already has a result assessment penalty.

Honeſtly, in my opiniön Abſolver has enough weakneſſes that it won’t make it OP.

Despite its now adequate damage, it still suffers in waves that require you to intercept chickens to get the clean sweep bonus as well as other bonuses. Honestly, I would give the absolver beam the ability to poison enemies or the ability to slow enemies down, these abilities would greatly help the absolver beam catch enemies, increasing the beam’s overall width would help as well though the fully charged beam should remain unchanged. The width of the beams in the intermediate charging levels should be changed accordingly to fit this new scale.

This ſounds more like an idea for a new weapon than a concept for improving a current one.


Finally medals are useful now

Just a little useful. You don’t need points after getting top tier. (or even tier 50)

I need points for tier

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After tier 99 points don’t really do anything, they are just there.


That’s precisely what I’m talking about.