Return of the Master of Time!

If you remember my idea from a few months ago, I recommend you read it. Most people chose the name: Master of Time. The boss sends temporal energy field, if he drags in there, he slows down the hero like controlling a bomber.
Attack 2: moves to any place during the fight (travel in time) and you have to be careful where he appear, because you can die. Healing ability: he goes back in time that renews his life. (withdraws hero damage).
What’s more to say? Metal armor, iron helmet, gears and hands… and maybe… Clock?

Greetings Recruits!

The best skill of Master of Time

  • Slowing Time (Temporal Energy Field)
  • Stopping Time (Ummobilizes the Hero)
  • Travel in Time (Moves to any place during the fight)
  • Reversing Time (undoes damage, regeneration)

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This bit in particular is really cool.


The slowing-down idea has merit, but I’ve yet to work out how it would work technically (especially on touch screens). On the list.


I think that the clock on the chicken’s body could serve as a timer to let you know when the next attack is about to happen, could be around 3 seconds on Rookie- Seasoned and 2 on Veteran- Superstar hero. I don’t know how hard that would be to implement though.


Or maybe the clock is ticking during a fight, the less health the boss has, the more often the clock is ticking.

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I know it’s not easy, but I have something interesting. Master of Time stops time and immobilizes the hero.

I am happy to. I made it up myself.

Is it a good idea for the Master of Time to appear in the Space Race and have the chance to appear in missions that last more than 10 minutes?

I think making it only appear in space races would make this boss more special, rather than also being able to encounter it in normal missions. Kind of like how Magnetic Manipulator works, it appears on one specific mission. (Two if you count boss rush) The boss could also be removed from boss rushes and made specifically to appear only on space races.


I like your idea!


But boss rushes are what the name suggests. This means you can face every boss in the game, regardless of where you are.

@anon51565962 I’m glad you’re enthusiastic that your idea is being considered, but you can write one reply with several paragraphs instead of making tons of replies. Just giving some general advice.


The boss is a bit hard, so maybe he would appear with 70% difficulty, and I inveted new attack: he releases his arms around him and later hides them.

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Slowing down is interesting, but completely stopping is bad, just don’t. And healing may make the battle last forever.


Stopping Time is a more difficult attack and Reversing Time does not have to be valuable and appear too often.

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