Energy-based weapons-only Spaceships

The H&C 40* series operates on dark energy alone.This only allows for energy-energy conversions for maximum efficiency.This has some controversial ideas,but feel free to criticize.

This is really a lot in terms of coding,so I don’t expect to see this in Early Access.(if it does get implemented at all)


The HC 40* series have a totally different equipment roster.
The following replace the Heat Sinks,Reactors and the Engines respectively:


And some additional equipment:

Energy tanks
Trapfield Generators
Energy dispensers.

(This is mainly to make you run around for parts and not just transfer your stuff after buying the ship)


The ship fires energy weapons only.Because of that,the following weapons can only be used:

Ion Blaster
Neutron Gun
Laser Cannon
Lightning Fryer
Positirion Stream
Photon Swarm

The following weapons cannot be used:

Utensil Poker
Vulcan Chaingun
Boron Railgun
Corn Shotgun
Moron Railgun
Plasma Rifle

I may be missing something,but never mind.

The overheat system doesn’t work with this ship.Instead,it works on Power Levels,which refill as you wait.

Power Levels
(I’ll admit that “power levels” doen’t sound particularly space-age,open to suggestion)

This may sound really complicated,but the esscence is this:time your attacks and movements(ship moves with HC and Muller fluency,nothing to fear)

Note that this won’t replace the current heat system in other ships

Basically,the idea is that you wait a bit to fire your weapon.Fire too much,and you will have to wait some time for it to fill again.So,you have to time your attacks.Firing consumes power.

The amount of energy you have is represented by the overheat bar.When it gets full,you start firing shots on the next energy level.There are a maximum of seven levels.If the bar for the seventh level gets full,all the energy flows out through the vents and you’re immobilized for some time,like overheating.More heavy-hitting weapons will consume more

But here’s the sales pitch-the weapons do more damage the more you wait.This isn’t just governed by a mathematical formula-the weapons do more damage/focus the projectiles/increase velocity depending on the energy level,which indicates how muck you can fire before having to wait again.After a certain limit,the energy level switches to the next one,which features more damage/projectile velocity/projectile number,depending on where each of the weapons lack,along with a visible change in projectile color or shape,which will be stated below.This is not linked with firepower,which still would be a major factor about your damage delivered.

Power is also used when moving your ship around.So moving can interrupt your firing spree on a high power level.

The better vents you have,the fater you can switch from one power level to the next,the better energy tanks you have,the more power levels are available.Trpfield generators determine how strong special weapons are,nothing else.And the Converters power everything,like reactors.

The ships and parts are only found in Heroware dealerships,so burn some fuel and move that ship.

The following are the weapon configurations at different power levels

The firepower still is in control of everything,if ,say,Hypergun fires weak shots at a certain firepower,they stay as weak shots,except doing more damage.

The effects stack,in other words,power level two takes the same effects of level one.

All of these are what could be and anyway am a bit exhausted for more idea making.

Higher firepower shots consume more energy,so that those rare owerpowered shots only come once in a while.

Ion Blaster

Doesn’t consume much energy,and is spam-fire friendly

Level 1-same old Ion Blaster
2-does 25% more damage per projectile
3-50% faster and acquires an orange color
4-narrows firing cone and adds a single shot a t either end,despite firepower
5-each projectile penetrates upto two enemies each.
6-50% more damage per projectile
7-Small “blast area”,where projectiles make a tiny explosion on contact.The projectiles are now green.A tiny amount of damage is done to nearby chickens.

Firepower 15-Two single shots on side
Firepower 25-Central three shots are triple shots.
Firepower 30-Central five shots are triple shots.

Neutron Gun

(This is a bit owerpowrrd)

Level 1-ye olde Neutron Gun
2-+25% speed
3-+10% damage
4-central shot does +15% damage and is a white color.
5-each projectile penetrates upto four enemies
6-+40% speed and all
7-Releases “Neutron Sparks”,which do minor damage and come in large numbers.

Firepower 15-All five shots are white(white shots do 625 damage per shot(CI5 Rookie values)
Firepower 25-Two green shots at the sides (normal 500 damage per head)
Firepower 30-All shots are white,refire rate is increased phenomenally,but uses a lot of energy.

Laser Cannon

Level 1-Tine painful old gun
2-Each beam does +10% damage
3-The beams stay for a while,doing bursts of continual damage.
4-The laser beam turns blue,and is much straighter than the original orange
5-Two additional weak or strong beams,depending on your firepower,are added to the sides.
6-Each beam stays for longer than before
7-The middle beam is a pure white color,every volley shoots out an autofocus laser that destroys a nearby chicken.
Firepower 15-Each beam does +15% damage
Firepower 25-All beams are upgraded to blue.
Firepower 30-Central three beams are now white.

These are just three ideas to grasp the meaning of it.

Incidentially,this could work with the proposed Solar Blast weapon @Sammarald like so-

Power level 1-Small yellow suns all the time
2-Small suns are now white that do more damage.
3-Every fifth shot is a big Yellow sun
4-Refire rate is increased
5-Big suns are now White
6-Small suns are blue(most powerful variant)
7-Large suns are also blue.

This could be a feature of Noob October(really different game mechanics introduced)


-Missiles are unmountable
-Clucker bombs are much faster
-Mine bombs do more damage and have a deadly purple color.
-Shockwave capacitators have much more reach and damage
-Dimensional Phase-Outs last longer.
-Weapon boosts fills your energy tank to the next level.

The spaceship would be slimmer than Muller series and a bit thicker than the H&C 30*,looking more like the CI3 ship,with a black and purple color scheme.


-Frozen:Chargeup is slower
-Inferno:Chargeup is fast…too fast so keep firing

If you,have successfully gotten to the end of the idea,you are a legend.

  • NO
  • Good
  • Changes required
  • Skipped the article
  • Like it but don’t
  • Couldn’t care less
  • Yes,amazing
  • Imperfect at some places,requires polishing

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I’m a bit confused on the part when you say that ship moves with ‘fluency’ but then moving consumes power. Also, then is high power level good or bad? You get to full power level and it overheats, and you get immobilized?


1-The ship moves like it always did.
2-Power consumption by movement is extremely minimal.
3-When you get to high power,if you leave it for too long,it overheats.In other words,if you idle and not fire for too long,and I’m talking about one minute or so,it overheats.And you still can move,otherwise it would be unfair.

My only concern then is, would the energy levels be enough to survive Spiral of Doom?

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I’m only talking about the concept.The exact valuesare for the developers.
Ideas are supposed to be mere suggestions,and this is a bit overboard on the detail.

Yeah, I use to overthink stuff too much sometimes. xD

With doubts clarified, I’ll give you a like, because it’s a strange mechanic, but could be interesting to play.

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