New radioactive ideas

radioactive planets and stars:radioactive planets have a green glow around them download (9) and radioactive stars are just green stars and in order to be able to access radioactive planets and stars you will need a new shield called “radiation shield”
radioactive missions:radioactive missions have a radiation effect that will sometimes mutate your missiles (if they are red then they will do more damage, and if they are blue then they are less harmful than before the mutation), only toxic chickens will appear on these missions as well as toxic versions of these Chickenaut.PNG UFO Chicken(this chicken can be from other ideas) CowardChicken PilotChicken and radioactive versions of these(radioactive chickens explode when killed as radioactive meteors) EggShipChicken Metal-suit Chicken (Military) OrdinaryChick SlobChicken
radioactive meteors:radioactive meteors look like this Asteroid-lava6 and when they are destroyed they will explode like this (if you touch the explosion you will die) download (10)
new boss:living Chernobyl( radioactive chicken)
BigChickenCIU (1)
when this boss loses 16.6 health, one toxic bomb explodes and releases a toxic cloud 3 times larger than a of toxic chickens cloud
this boss has 4.5 attacks
first attack: a radioactive circle appears around the chicken download (4)
second attack: green lasers that work like in “chicken multiplicity” while slowly going left to rightdownload (5) download (6)
third attack: he goes to the upper right corner and fires 9 radioactive eggs (they work somewhat like the old photon swarm in movement) so he goes to the upper left corner and does the same download (2) download (3)
fourth attack: he will go to the lower left corner and then go to the lower right corner and go to the upper right corner to the left and then return to the middle of the screendownload (7) download (8)
0.5 attacks: if you hit him 35 times in a row he will explode(his eye will slowly turn red and if completely red it will explode and after 2 seconds it will return to normal green) and kill only the player (the chicken will not die in the explosion)download (1)
this boss can only appear in radioactive missions and boss rush missions(there is also a radioactive version of the magnetic manipulation boss)

  • radioactive planets and stars
  • radiation effect
  • radioactive meteors
  • radioactive & toxic versions of chickens
  • living Chernobyl

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oh very good idea i liked it i hope IA add it to CIU


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don’t ask how you should do a pulsating grid in radioactive missions

Stars are already radioactive in a sense (even if you’re very far from them, you still receive radiation)… and players can already orbit near them without any much problems.

The boss is kinda nice though.


Maybe an alternative name for the boss? Chenobyl? Very nice concept however.

EDIT: Instead of radioactive chickens, how about making toxic chickens much more common?

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