New U.C.O. variety!

U.C.O. is fed up with losing. This time he returned more powerful than usual.
Description: The Last and Most Powerful U.C.O. which ever appeared! This time it won’t go so easy, he is seeking revenge… but that’s not all, when he loses 25% of his life, he summons 1 UFO Chicken, when he loses 50%, he summons another 2, and when 75% he summons 3. So, 6 UFO Chickens will appear during the whole fight, so it won’t be easy!

Which enemies fit better here?

  • Terminators UFO Chickens
  • Usually UFO Chickens (flying around the screen)

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I’ll agree on it only if it shows on hard missions replacing the other U.C.Os. We have too much U.C.Os, we don’t need another one having a chance to be picked up by mission generator.
It reminded me of my meme:


This variety is for the best Heroes!

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I like this kind of U.C.O…Nice :ok_hand:

EDIT:One more thing…the smaller UFO-s should have slightly higher life and should seek the player if this boss appears after 90% difficulty. But anyway Nice Idea!

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Damage Amp, Dismensional Phase-Outs and Satellites to be safe with this

Well, you can be safe with anything, when using Amplifier and Phase-Out combo ;p


I think it would be difficult to avoid Terminators UFO Chickens and U.C.O. attacks at the same time, but it is feasible. :smile:

First thing is how it attack, you didn’t explain the pattern.

Just attacks like U.C.O. D, only that shoots purple lasers at the same time with eggs.

If so, it won’t be any harder than u.c.o. D except the terminator ufos part. Anyway I think adding terminators to u.c.o battle would definitely make it impossible to beat since its red laser already limit your movement.


Please, not the terminators!

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