Boss Concept: The Egg Cannon Cannon Cannon Cannonade v.2

I’ve been thinking of a second variation of the Egg Cannonade, that only appears at 120% difficulty and above, so here’s the concept for it:

Phase 1

The first egg cannon now has two extra attacks:

  1. The Chicken Wobble

  2. Egg Shoot.

Phase 2

This phase only get one more attack:

  • Laser Beam:

After the orange lasers attack, the second egg cannon shoots a giant laser that is 1/2 the size of the cannon:

Phase 3

The Egg Shotgun is reworked and it has a new attack:
Instead of firing small eggs, the cannon now fires giant eggs at the player:

  • New attack: Laser beams:

The egg cannon shoots random-directional beams:

We should add warning lines.
and god abandoned me when im writing this


1 is more than enough.


Very good! Put in some updates to see how difficult it is :smiling_imp: :smiling_imp:

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Yolk-Star™ with Coward and Toxic chickens is unfair enough, now this one though…


“Egg Shoot:
This attack happens simultaneously with The Orange Laser Beams attack:”

Imagine if the egg is mother hen ship…

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