Frequently Asked Questions

Many new users tend to ask questions that have been answered before. We have categorized them and provided brief answers here.

Read this before posting! There is a high possibility that your question is here.

For technical issues, visit this thread. If you have an undescribed technical issue, create a post about it and the forum will try to help you.
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:question:: I can’t download the game, the tab closes itself. What do I do?

:grey_exclamation:: Open the link in a new tab using the right mouse button or copy-paste its address manually in the new tab, the file will be downloaded.

:question:: Will there be an Android/iOS/Linux/Mac version?

:grey_exclamation:: There are Android, iOS versions, which available on both Apple Store and Google Play Store. However, due to limitation on some Android phone OSes, there’s also Android version released as an APK. The Linux version won’t be made due to discontinued support but you can use Proton in Steam (or separately with a standalone version) instead.

:question:: Will this game be released on PS/XBOX/Switch?

:grey_exclamation:: No. Will there be a console version? - #2 by InterAction_studios

:question:: I can’t log in, the game asks to update! How can I update the game without losing my save?

:grey_exclamation:: Install the newest version above the previous or delete your game through the control panel and install the newest version. Your data will be saved. You may need to configure some of your settings again if the settings screen was redacted this update. Steam version updates automatically, all you need to do is to restart the game in case you were playing when update happened. If you still can’t join the server even after update, it’s probably in progress of upgrading to a newer version.

:question:: Others can connect to the server but I can’t. Why can’t I enter?

:grey_exclamation:: This is a networking access error (“An attempt was made to access a socket in a way forbidden by its access permissions.”)

This happens when the game is blocked by a firewall and it is strictly a problem at your end. Try using ping and ping in command prompt with administrator mode. If your result looks like this:

Pinging [] with 32 bytes of data:

That means your device resolves server IP but experiencing some problems with the 23006 port

Turn your firewall off temporarily to see if it helps (just because you’ve opened a port on your firewall doesn’t mean that the game/application is allowed to access it).

If the above solutions could not help, use a VPN with tunneling the whole device & apps feature (Especially when you see a connection timed out error).

:question:: How do I get rid of “… NAT” in multiplayer browser?

:grey_exclamation:: NAT is defined either by your provider or router settings. The easiest way of getting rid of restrictions is port mapping (binding). Port-restricted cone NAT works fine for the most cases, while symmetric NAT may have major issues joining others. Read Multiplayer topic to get more information. Some players also reported that a VPN may help to solve the issue.

Forum Navigation/Etiquette

:question:: Where can I find the original FAQ and forum rules (ToS)?


:question:: How do I change my forum username?

:grey_exclamation:: Send a private forum message to InterAction studios asking for a username change. Note that regular username rules are still applied to these (no spaces, special symbols…), just like forum rules and guidelines.

:question:: Why is bumping (writing comments under forgotten topics) bad?

:grey_exclamation:: If you write something under not updated for a long time topic it will jump at the start of the topic list and will move down newer, more important topics. If the post wasn’t updated for months, there is a possibility that users have forgotten about it or they don’t need to discuss it any more (you can check this by last replies). If you have something important to say — do it, but make sure you will not disturb anyone with something like “I agree with you!”, the :hearts: button is there for something like that.

:question:: Why did those users tell me to stop doing something? They aren’t even moderators, why should I listen to them?

:grey_exclamation:: You should always listen to any user when they say you broke forum rules or something similar. Stop and check to make sure you don’t break them or correct your behaviour in case you did. Of course, the usual moral rules have not gone anywhere, even if those aren’t described here. The best way to keep our community civil is to be civil.

:question:: How much description of an idea should I provide?

:grey_exclamation:: As much as you can. People need to understand what you are talking about. All ideas, especially not very simple ones, like weapons or game mechanics, need to be explained clearly.
Also, before posting your idea you should check if it was suggested before you. If that’s the case you can post it but you should give credit to the original author and be aware that the medal goes to them too, especially if your idea doesn’t make any corrections to the original.

:question:: How can I help the game?

:grey_exclamation:: Suggest your ideas or improvements on the forum and leave your feedback. Before reporting or suggesting anything, check if it wasn’t solved or suggested before with the search button.

:question:: Which important topics should I read?

:grey_exclamation:: The most important topics for new users are: Plan updates, FAQ, This F.A.Q and particularized topics like “Multiplayer” or “Weapon data spreadsheet” if you are going to use related stuff in the game.

In-Game Features/Frequently Suggested Ideas

:question:: I found a bug! How do I report it?

:grey_exclamation:: Please try to describe the bug. The best case is to have a video or an image of what’s going on. You can report it on “CIU version X” threads. However, please check the Known bugs topic and older posts to make sure you don’t report a bug someone else had already reported before.

Note that “Known bugs & new features” topic contains changelog of the next version, not the current one, hence the bug which appears to be “fixed” may still be in the game.

:question:: Where is my save data and how does it work? and How can I transfer my data to another device?

:grey_exclamation:: As of v81, you can link your account to an E-mail and then use it to restore your profile, even on other devices. To do that you have to follow these steps in the corresponding order:

  1. Change e-mail of your account;
  2. Use the Link button to restore the account on any device;

If you want to remove the e-mail from one account to use it on another, just change it to an impossible e-mail and ask InterAction studios in forum private messages to remove the account (you won’t be able to restore your account in case the session gets lost on a different PC and your account e-mail is changed to an impossible one). Your save-data is located in C:\ProgramData\InterAction studios\CIU\ia[steam]\*your_version_folder*. This data only contains your profile information, the progress is stored in the server.

The Steam version also uses Steam Cloud to keep your save data in sync, but it is highly recommended not to rely on that too much.

:question:: Is Chicken Hunter License worth to buy? What does it offer?

:grey_exclamation:: The game is free for everyone but there is some exclusive “endgame” content for those who find the game too easy. Part of this content is accessible only if you have the Chicken Hunter License, other part might still have a harder but free way of obtaining (Example: contraband purchase). Any purchase in your account disables the advertisement banner and prevents your account from being removed as a part of the regular database clean-up process each update. CHL gives access to the Ironman Competition, the ability to buy the best spacecraft model at a normal price, a light blue badge at the left of your in-game callsign and it’s planned to allow you to fly with a skill level harder than Superstar Hero. If you like to challenge your skills it’s worth it. You can buy the Chicken Hunter License in-game for ~$7. The Steam version uses regional prices to make IAP more affordable.

Please note that Chicken Hunter License is not giving you a significant advantage over other players, it only allows you to take part in more serious stuff.

:question:: Can I chat with other players outside of multiplayer mode in the game (e.g. with contacts, squadron members etc.)?

:grey_exclamation:: No. It would:

  • Be troublesome to implement,
  • Increase the server load by a significant amount,
  • Make moderation more tedious than it already is (multiplayer chat is bad enough), and
  • Still do the job worse than any specialized chat application, which even has voice chat functionality.

Just use one of the alternatives listed as examples below:

  • Discord
  • Skype
  • in-real-life meeting

:question:: Why bosses here are harder than in CI3/4/5?

:grey_exclamation:: In Chicken Invaders Universe, the difficulty of bosses and enemies in waves depends on the mission difficulty level (orange indicator), mission tier and selected skill. If bosses are too hard for you, try to use a lower skill (“Tourist” or “Rookie”, for example) or play a different mission. The default skill is “Rookie”.

:question:: What changes after the game was released?

:grey_exclamation:: Pretty much nothing changes as for now. Content is still being added, bugs are still being fixed, you can still suggest whatever you want.

:question:: Will seasonal content (“editions”) be added to CIU? and Why can’t I access all of them on mobile versions of the game?

:grey_exclamation:: With the new “Seasonal Content” option, you can change your game into any season you’d like. You can also select “Automatic” and it will choose the current season based on your date and time. This option is limited on game versions distributed on app stores due to storage concerns, these are added manually one at a time when the corresponding season comes.

However, if you have a mobile device running Android, you can download the 32-bit version of the game under the Google Play version’s onebox so that you can enable any seasonal content you want at anytime.

:question:: Why does food not give missiles? Why can’t I get extra lives in mission for score?

:grey_exclamation:: In CIU you can only use food to sell it in Space Burger restaurants to get some keys. Points can’t give you extra lives, use the galaxy store or aftermarket to buy missiles and lives.

:question:: Can I win the game?

:grey_exclamation:: There is no plot, ending, nor any strictly defined goal to achieve.

:question:: How can I get more satellite docking spots?

:grey_exclamation:: The amount of docking spots depends on your spacecraft type. For example: The Müller M400 Caterer can hold 2 satellites while the Müller M408 Cuisinier can hold 4 of them. Bombers usually have more docking spots than regular type spacecrafts. The amount of docking spots can be seen in store spacecraft description.

:question:: How do I change my in-game nickname?

:grey_exclamation:: Press the pilot button on the galaxy screen and write your desired nickname in the top field.

:question:: How do I mod Chicken Invaders Universe?

:grey_exclamation:: There is an IAMI that can install mods from the corresponding topic.
If you want to make a mod, check this post:
Mod installer and public mods - #685 by VerMishelb
The rules for modding is the following:

  1. It must not provide the player any unfair advantages.
  2. It must not break the game for others when they install it (unless clearly stated to be for an older version of the game) as it may cause false automatic crash reports on developer’s side, increasing the support costs.
  3. You can’t change game mechanics (increase health or make a new wave). That’s simply not possible in the current modding state, but even if it will be, it’s highly discouraged.

The following is an example of a modded CIU:

:question:: The in-game date is 100 years in the future! Is it a bug?

:grey_exclamation:: It’s not a bug, it’s a cosmetic element as the game takes place in the future.

:question:: Will you ever add voice chat in CIU?

:grey_exclamation:: Voice chat might sound like a simple idea on paper, but it’s a huge can of worms. I won’t go into the reasons here (technical, economic, abuse, etc.), but it’s definitely outside the scope of a small indie production like CIU.

Just use some other external voice chat system.
InterAction studios, Microphone In Game, 7th reply

:question:: Will U.C.O. #5 or another Space Crab get added?

:grey_exclamation:: No, there are enough of them. Originality in ideas is better than variations of existing stuff, with rare exceptions.

Please, write questions below to make this topic more useful. Users who keep this thread organized will add important and frequent ones as soon as they will be free.


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