How CIU ver 1.0 was different than the current version?

I started from ver 3 if I remember correctly and I hear people mention some very 1.0 stuff that I don’t understand. Would you be kind enough to tell me in the comments what changed from the first version to this current version?

You can read the Early Access topics and learn it yourself. I don’t really remember every version and in fact I skipped version 06, but I don’t know why.

*Early Access version 01
*Early Access version 02
*Early Access version 03
*Early Access version 04
*Early Access version 05
*Early Access version 06
*Early Access version 07
*Early Access version 08
*Early Access version 09

You can also search with magnifier icon for topics that include word “impressions” - InterAction Studios told us (In Early Access 01 topic) that they want to know our first honest hour of playing CIU. Here are mine First impressions

Oh, okay, thanks.

The first compare to this one is pretty bad. The game begins to shining after the 3d update.


It wasn’t that bad. One of the worst things back in 01 version was crashing server.


And ſlow ſpaceſhips.

there was more chances of epic waves appearing

Yeah, because back then the engines actually had a purpose. They weren’t working, but it was planned. Right now engines are useless and you can control spaceship with speed of light - same as every other CI game.

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does anybody have screenshots/videos of them playing ver 1.0? Anything is welcomed!

They aren’t entirely useless, though. They make interstellar travel cost less fuel.

That s useless, I wish they return the old mechanic.

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Oh. I didn’t know that. Sadly it doesn’t matter to me because I literally stay in one solar system and play daily and weekly challenges.