Early Access version 09


This update greatly adds to the remastered CI3 content introduced in the last update (more bosses, more waves). There are still some work left, but CI3 content remastering is 90% done.

The other big change is the addition of “Boss Rush” missions, which have been unavailable (“coming soon”) thus far.


This update is mostly backwards-compatible, but you will lose:

  • any in-mission progress
  • any menu options you have configured

Waves & bosses in existing missions have been reshuffled due to the addition of new possibilities.


  • Eggs now cleared upon death of “It gets cold in space” boss.
  • Remastered lightning, red & green beams, yolk beams to make them seamless.
  • Remastered Yolk-Star, Mysterious, Mother-Hen and UCO bosses from CI3.
  • “Visitors from another dimension”: prevented enemies from spawning too low.
  • Remastered “Bonus Challenge” wave from CI3.
  • Energy fences" wave: Ensured enemies are spawned outside visible screen.
  • Space crab now hovers lower on screen.
  • Space crab’s projectiles are no longer removed if they are launched while invisible.
  • “Planetary Egg City” boss now doesn’t appear below 20% difficulty.
  • “Crab v2.0” boss now doesn’t appear below 10% difficulty.
  • “Show 'em who’s Boss” bosses now drop more & varied food items.
  • “It gets cold in space” boss is now 10% slower at higher difficulty levels.
  • Starfield is now snapped to 1/64 (instead of 1/256) pixels to avoid seams.
  • Equipment list (shop): Keyboard shortcut keys now work properly when class filter has been applied.
  • Reduced font gamma to 1.45
  • Hot environment corona now moves smoothly as direction of travel changes
  • Hot environment corona is now determined by nearest sun color.
  • Hot environments now affect starfield color.
  • Color-coded equipment, messages, and missions.
  • Increased time to collect food/keys/etc after final wave to 5 seconds (was 3).
  • Long nicknames with UTF8 characters no longer result in disconnection from server.
  • Remastered “Terminator Chickens” wave from CI3.
  • Remastered “Asteroids” wave from CI3.
  • Added “Boss Rush” missions.


You are reminded that during Early Access you are responsible for backing up your own progress. Make a copy of everything under C:\ProgramData\InterAction studios\CIU (including all sub-folders).


Avast tells me that this is a virus and the installer dosn’t work @InterAction_studios

It’s because the file is brand new. See here for solution: CIU anti-virus warnings

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its ok now it worked :slight_smile:

Loving the update so far!

also lol I’m the first one to like

Well, the obligatory asteroids wave is back!

Though I’m not sure if the bonus challenge chests are actually meant to have as much health as they do.

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Is it so dark only when the asteroids wave is happenin’?

No, it’s like that throughout the entire mission. It seems to only apply to missions on the suns. Not sure about the hot planets (edit: it does, actually). Looks really cool though.

Also, have some more asteroids.

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Okay, some more things.

I managed to encounter U.C.O. #2 and I noticed some things.

  1. The eggs are way smaller than they should be.

For reference, this is how they looked in CI3:

  1. The eggs are way slower than they should be. They seem to have been around 2x (?) faster in CI3.

IA,you are a legend of your own kind

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Smaller look better (and let’s not forget that this was actually remastered to look better), but I agree with speed.

They still look a bit too small to me.
Maybe something in between would look better?

It feels like the U.C.O.s are ramming into you at the bottom of the screen a bit too often.


No, actually slower makes it harder and I like it.

I got the chance to play Yolk Star and mysterious ship bosses and…

Man, Mysterious ship lost me 4 lives and I surrendered a mission. Yolk star was piece of cake when compared to this purple metal devil.


Hi @InterAction_studios,

Definetely the best Update so far, lets see what else you have in store!

  • What do you have planned for v10?
  • It would be cool if you keep this schedule of releasing update between friday-saturday. This way I have more time to enjoy the new stuff! :smiley:

Bugs I found/Suggestions:

  • better heat sinks still seem to cool down your weapon slower, or is it just me?
  • killing UFO chicks/chickens/aliens when they are at the very edge the saucer doesn’t spawn
  • Boss Rush missions award lots of keys. I got around 300 keys in 15 minutes (it’s fun to collect 6 keys at once though, please keep that)
    – maybe it’s ok since you get less food in comparision to chicken invasion missions
    – if it’s too much, reduce the base multiplier, but not the amount of keys that are dropped on screen, it would be more fun this way

– Boss Rush missions feel too “easy”, the only real challenging Boss is the yolk star
  - They are quite short. I’d like to spend around 10-20 waves in such a mission, not 2-10
  - Final bosses from previous games should appear at the end more often?
  - The same Boss could appear more than once?
  - The Egg Cannon and Henterprise are Way too easy and far from what you could call a “final boss”
  - I just have an idea: what if we fought 2 Space Crabs at once? Or 2 Military Chickens at once? Maybe it is interesting?

What I would like too see:

  • Some waves should have a higher chance off appearing (Asteroids, Bonus Challenge, Alien Container)
  • All/most remaining waves from CI3, top priority:
    – Mine Drones
    – Chicken Geometry
    – Treble Trouble, Double Invasion
    – Missile Inbound
    – Chicken Acrobatics
  • maybe more mission types

Maybe they started to understand they will die anyway…

Chicken Geometry is a bad idea, to be honest. The chickens move so fast that you may not even have enough time to move out of the way before they swoop right into you.

But I will agree with the boss rush part, look at how many keys I got from this, and it took only 1 minute! This needs to be fixed. And quickly too.

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Hard ≠ bad. I definitely want it to ſtay.