Early Access version 01


Greetings, recruits!

The first Early Access build is now available for download. The download link is… oh, no you don’t! Before you fly off trying to save the world, here’s what you need to know:


The most important thing for this build is to tell us your first impressions. We won’t get a second chance at a first impression, so we would suggest you play the game for about an hour, then get back here and share your experiences while they’re still fresh in your mind.


There are multiple ways of telling us what you think. The preferred way is this forum, because other players will get the chance to see and contribute to your comments. If you get popular support behind your suggestions/opinions, then you’re already halfway there to seeing them realized in the game!

  • During the mission: If you wish to comment on a particular wave (e.g. wrong chicken placement), press ESC to bring up the pause menu while you’re playing and select “Report a problem with this wave” .

  • After the mission: If your comment concerns the entire mission (e.g. too hard), you’ll find a button labelled “Report problem” after the mission is over.

  • General: In the galaxy view there’s also a “Feedback” button for non-mission-related comments.


The game includes a lot of gameplay mechanics that will be new even for long-time veterans of the series. We’ve included a bare-bones tutorial to help get you started, but we’d especially like to know if you found something in the game confusing or difficult to understand.


We’ve decided to allow you to post videos of CIU while it’s still in Early Access stage if you wish. However, you must make sure to clarify that what the viewers are seeing is a game still not finalized. To this end, if you make any videos of this game public, then you MUST INCLUDE the phrase “Early Access” somewhere in your video title.


How CIU ver 1.0 was different than the current version?

Yay, thank you after a long time!


I don’t have anything bad to say about this build. Well done so far.


My first opinion.Complete another experience than when play in Chicken Invaders 5 etc. I have to learn everything from scratch in practice.Whem game it’s completed make full opinion.


I’m… hyped? I’m still neutral and i’m downloading it right now! :grin:


the game is GREAT it was worth the time i dont like that you have to pay to color your spacee ship and that food exchanging is unbalanced but still the game is AWESOME keep with the good work:grinning::grinning::grin:


Playing the game right now. So far I noticed three things which may be (and probably are) bugs:

  1. The Military Chicken appears to be using the hit sound effect from the Halloween edition (I think).
  2. The attack sound effect used by the Super-Chick and Infini-Chick appears to be really low quality compared to the other sound effects (the overheat sound effect seems a bit LQ too, but that might just be my brain screwing with me).
  3. The eggs dropped by the Big Chicken are facing the wrong way (to be specific, they appear to be upside down).


Ouch, the food is indeed broken. Fixed and rebooted server.


i just completed a hard challenge my hand is 100% dead


I played a few missions and i love this game!


I’m only one who’s losing connection to the server or somebody else too?


I have very high hopes for this game! The chicken variants definetly spice up the game, but you will need to make discriptions for them later, though after a while I just learned. Also yes @Darlan me too :confused:


Yes. I have the same problem!


But the music, grafics, the planets… everyrhing looks awesome but i cant played it because of the connection problem.


It’s not THAT bad, especially since progress mid-level is always saved. Thank you IA very cool


Server was rebooted to fix food price balancing :frowning: , this is why everyone was disconnected. Expect disruptions as we tweak things around.


let’s see

totatally diffrent from the previous episodes!!! even in this stage early access there’s still a lot to explore!!!
did reach the expectations??? I think so!!! after all 6 months of waiting finally we gonna have some fun!!! :slight_smile: so for right now i just wanna say congrats @InterAction_studios!!! I’m definitely gonna buy a Chicken Hunter License


lmao the hard challienge made my hand so tired


hmm i got a warning saying that the program could harm my computer when i got CIU


What? Is that coming from your firewall? Do you have a screenshot?

The installer file is digitally signed with dual signatures, so we can’t understand where this might be coming from.