Early Access version 06


This update is 100% compatible (you’ll only lose your menu settings). Not a lot of new functionality this time, but a lot of bug fixes, some of which have been very persistent and very hard to track down (dating as far back as CI3).

Superstar Hero difficulty and “epic” waves have been toned down – let us know what you think.


  • “In-game music” option now also affects galaxy music
  • Fixed: You can only buy one “Extra Slot”
  • Henterprise is now invulnerable while retreating/changing sides.
  • Fixed: ESC (used to pause the mission and display the in-game pause menu) will stop working if you use any kind of display overlay during the game (examples: Windows 10 game bar, Steam overlay, NVidia game menu, Discord ingame etc)
  • Reduced probability of all-miniboss (“epic”) waves to 25% of previous appearance rate.
  • Fixed: Galaxy music will play together with menu music if you Alt-Tab.
  • Increased Egg Cannon & Henterprise health by 50%.
  • Store prices now show separate “unit x pack” numbers.
  • Removed enemy health boost based on skill (except Tourist, which is still -20%)
  • Fixed automatic sizing of balloon tips
  • Added % wave progress and mission timer to HUD.
  • Fixed issue of old messages piling up.
  • Combined easy/intermediate/hard top 10 into one message.
  • Top HUD (score & heat) is now translucent
  • Switching from keyboard to mouse control now doesn’t make spaceship warp to mouse pointer.
  • (Probably) fixed mouse warping to center of screen when closing in-game pause menu.
  • Multi-kill bonus is now worth 250 points per kill (instead of 100)
  • Egg cannon now correctly spawns powerups for each damage stage (20%)
  • Green crosshair (appearing when mouse cursor is outside valid spaceship area) has now been replaced by a hand icon.
  • Fixed long-standing (CI3-era) black lines/gaps appearing momentarily between starfield tiles.
  • Fixed in-mission wingstreak length when flying sideways.
  • Renamed “Hero” skill to “Virtuoso”
  • Options menu is now accessible through galaxy menu or in-mission pause menu (note: some changes may not be immediately applied)
  • Can now also zoom galaxy view with keyboard - and + keys.
  • Galaxy Information Overlay: Added option to show/hide player names.
  • Internal: Senior server is now maintained.


You are reminded that during Early Access you are responsible for backing up your own progress. Make a copy of everything under C:\ProgramData\InterAction studios\CIU (including all sub-folders).


Well, a good change log! I have been waiting for this update (the green crosshair was annoying me).


This is good, and health/damage sclaing seems to be quite ok now.

But still, since everythings seems more polished now, i am starting to look forward to content updates (especially mission types and pre CI4 content). But don’t rush with it :wink:

The last concerning thing for me right now is price of perishables and superweapons (I find everything except Poultry Payback and Damage Amplifier too expensive).


Henterprise is now invulnerable while retreating/changing sides. Does this mean that when he explodes we cant do damage until he change the sides? This is great, also the Virtuoso 10x better for difficult name than hero. Good job on this update.


Witnessing this game evolving and being a part of it truly makes me grateful, thank you iA for providing such good content to it’s comunity, I’m glad to be one of the players that were here from the Early Access and I cannot wait to see the game grow even more.

I want to personally thank you, iA, for the things you develop for us and for giving us the chance to add our very own ideas to the game and shape the game itself.


Er, why was the sunday daily message removed as well?


Messages had to be removed. New daily & weekly challenges will be generated in less than 4 hours from now.


For future updates, I recommend three things…

  1. The ability to deselect the ridges on the vehicle’s weapon pods, making a smooth metal layer.

  2. Still curious about when the heat sinks will start working. Do they actually reduce the amount of heat with each shot?

  3. Can there be a new aesthetic adjustment where bosses start smoking, looking tired, frazzled, cracked on the hull, dented, or even on fire, when they’ve taken enough damage? Also, can boss chickens stare at your ship during battles?


Oh, and can we see the graphics and volume options in the pause menu in-game?


I should be able to start testing this later tonight. About to take off for work, so stand by.


The thing i wanted to see since Ci3 :grin:

  1. as IA would say, it’s possible but the game needs to be optimized for smartphones and it just would be worth it, also it would increase the download size, I asked them about the head looking at a player and they said that.


Woow, we can will able to play full version soon!
It will feature all waves from CI3, and all bosses from all games, including original CI and CI2!


Are you sure that they’re going to include Big Chicken #214748363?


Sure, Big Chicken from original CI and CI2 will had remastered textures, but the same attack. In boss fight number of big chickens can be 1, 2, or 3 (or even 4 on bigger screen?).


You know that particular Big Chicken (#214748363) is invincible?


I don’t know. Is that can be bug?


No,that’s what happens when you go so far in ci1.


Yes I know, in the millionth wave, Big Chicken can became Super Saiyan.


But that’s not what happens.