Early Access version 03

Early Access version 03 is out. This update mainly improves the player experience (hence a client update is required – see link below)


  • Greatly improved new user experience: Better tutorial, hints, tips on empty slots and mounting, added “Hint” button to all shop items to explain equipment’s function, warning about unused (non-mounted) equipment or “out of extra lives”
  • Spaceship now instantly follows mouse pointer (temporary measure)
  • “Poultry Payback” increased damage
  • Added “Hero” skill (2.5x)
  • Skills are now cheaper to buy
  • Added “Smooth galaxy zoom” option (disable it to speed up browsing around galaxy)
  • Smoother planet orbits
  • Galaxy Legend is now known as “Information Overlay” (icon changed)
  • Insights now show indicators at all explored planets (not just fortune tellers)
  • Mission minimum tier requirements now range from 0-11 (was 0-4)
  • Attaining tiers now pays off an increasing amount of keys per tier. First tier became cheaper.
  • Experimental: Client no longer disconnects from server when focus is lost
  • Menu close ‘X’ (top-right) replaced with ‘back’ (top-left)
  • Fixed missing description of ‘Pyrolytic Graphite Heat Sink’
  • Shop equipment descriptions are now accessible even if equipment can’t be afforded.

Download link:


Why did you change this? Is there ſomething in particular we’re ſuppoſed to try out?

Well, a lot of people complained, so we’ve removed it temporarily. The problem is that now how good your spaceship engine is doesn’t affect anything in-game. We’re thinking about a replacement mechanic. Perhaps the engine will allow you to travel between planets faster (intra-solar, not warp). We’re open to suggestions.

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I just tried it out, and instant movement feels so much better! Maybe a better engine could improve travel speed and fuel efficiency?

A thing i’d like to see is reworked skill levels, see @Sophodot’s thread. Right now it’s not really “fun” to play on higher skill levels. It’s just intense mouse spamming…


I liked this change, thank you

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I think that once your uſed to it, it’s fine, but the inſtant poſitioning is part of what defines Chicken Invaders. Maybe you could make it ſo that all flight (not juſt warp) requires fuel, even while playing. I’m thinking ſort of around one per ten waves. Then a different engine could effect efficiency not power and would thus make travel cheaper. Maybe the power produced could change how much equipment you could uſe too.

I’m the only one probably who liked it before, now engines don’t have any use other then aesthetics… and every spaceship controls the same

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Well all my progres is saved, except the notifications from exploring the star systems.

Engines didn’t matter before, either, the mass of your ship doesn’t matter, what heat sink you have doesn’t matter, what reactor you have doesn’t matter, they are all just ideas for mechanics at the moment, they’ll be refined and changed further into development.

I hope that they will have a purpose other then wasting your keys… also what is a orbit droid?

A “hint” button has been added to the Store that will explain what each equipment does in layman’s terms.

Hmm… I’m suggesting that engines should could affect fuel efficiency. A better engine means less fuel usage (although the amount is insignificant on shorter travel distance).

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Thanks IA for removing the stupid irritation circle. The best thing in this update!


Hey @InterAction_studios should be nice One detail…
So when you go for a Mission on each planet should be nice if in the details of mission there will be present the Number of the waves!

Well, currently there’s a length indicator, but it doeſn’t ſay the exact number.

Oh, there is one thing, @InterAction_studios,
although rookie is the default difficulty, in the pre-miſſion ſcreen if you don’t put in a difficulty it ſhows the dial ſet to the loweſt ſetting, which I believe is “touriſt”.

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