New UFOs and new UFO Boss

Hello there
This idea is about UFOs and a new Boss.

1.Bandana chick UFO:

New ufo
This UFO is the most powerful Chick UFO.

as you can see in the picture its bullets are red (Of course if you accuracy the light under the UFO is also red) and they are in all directions.

2.Pirate chick UFO:

New ufo 2
This ufo is like normal chicken ufo but it shoots this kind of bullet.(sorry I couldn’t make the bullets color true but it’s the same normal chick’s ufo’s bullet)

At last New UFO boss!

Step 1 :

It comes down and shoot normal chick ufo bullets 3 times to you

Step 2 :

It moves and gives green line warning , then it blasts green laser.

Step 3 :

It moves again and creates a ufo once every 4 seconds , of course it will shoot bullets while creating them.

Step 4 :

It will move again and gives green line warning , then it blasts green laser like step 2.Of course it is creating ufos every 4 seconds and it will create them until death.

I hope you like them
Thanks for reading

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Select a name for boss:

  • U.C.H.O.* Encounter!
  • The king of the UFOs
  • UFO brain

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Man, are you planning to make ucho 5? Because that boss idea resembles that U.C.O lol


Whats with the white borders?

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I tried to remove them but it dies at removing :grimacing:


something like that :wink:

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You could’ve just have the background as a whole like the one enhawk just showed you

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pirate chick ufo would just be a reskin of the chicken ufo


Not gonna lie, the new UFO boss looks sick! And the attacks feel perfectly balanced as well. Great idea!


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