Some little ideas

Hi I have 2 little ieas:

1.about chicken heads:

Chicken in ufo must like this:
2 3 4 5 6 7 8
Chickens in ufo and other robots have to look to you.

2.Feather brain destroy sound:

Feather brain destroy sound must have eggshell break sound too like this:
@InterAction_studios and others what do you think?
I hope you like my ideas :wink:
Thanks for reading :pray:


If this is added then I think Chickenauts and Chick Gatling Guns should also be looking at the player (or at least following the eyes).


I think head movements have already been discussed and declined because of memory issues caused by additional sprites for every head position but canโ€™t say for sure as it was pretty long time ago.


So what about eye rotation only, instead of head? It shouldnโ€™t has any problems and also can be applied for Chickenauts too? I mean it would be good if Chickenauts at least use Big Chicken / Chickens of UFO head.

@anon51565962 Chick Gatling Guns will rotate to where player is. If chick eyes look down, itโ€™ll be solved.


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