New effects V2.0!(The V1.0 ideas too)

Hi guys I think about new effects again @InterAction_studios please see this I think they are good for game.
Sorry for repeat this topic:New effects! because if I put just new ideas they are low numbers.

  1. droppings:
    The image say my idea.
    2.All sides must have egg splat effects:
    chick multi
    This idea was previously stated by @B256 :arrow_up:
    3.Egg cannon destroy:

    It must have an effect before exploding.(Like Egg cannon cannon cannonade).
    4.Yolk Star lasers charging:

    It’s better if that effect was on the weapon.
    5.Attack of the giant crab:

    The image say my idea.
    Effect on attachments.
    from here onwards ideas are new
    1.When bullet is going to overdrive, weapon will be red like this:

    2.When you overdrive some smoke will come out from your weapon:
    7.about metals:
    When you hit the metal more than 3 seconds,metal will be red:
    for example the giant crab:

    8.lightning fryer and boss chicken:
    When you hit the boss chicken more than 5 seconds,lightning fryer will work like X-ray:

    I hope you like my ideas. :wink:
    Thanks for reading.

Everything’s fine, but:

  1. How about the fact that with each tank destroyed on the Space Crab, electricity passes through it or burns more and more?
  2. How about electricity should also pass along the skeleton?
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more and more.



no pls

I didn’t know there are smoke in space

imo only hot class weapon does this


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Nah, that’s what lightnings should do: show in X-ray.

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but i don’t want to see some cartoon effects y’know

Oh, i get it now, lel

Your New ideas are cool, i really wanted it all to be added. Most of your idea i really like the 6.Overdrive

I sudgest that the 6.Overdrive idea would be come as graphic option or gameplay option. If it will be add

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