Poll: How to handle CIU updates

The next update will be released later today. It’s going to be fully backwards compatible – but very soon we’ll need to start adding big chunks of new functionality that may introduce breaking changes to the game. The question is how to best handle these updates. There are three options:

  1. Total reset. This is the easiest and fastest option. The galaxy is reset, and you start at the beginning as a new player. Zero keys, zero equipment.
  2. Keep keys only. This is a good compromise. The galaxy is reset and you start with a new profile, but the keys you have already earned carry over to your new profile (Note: you receive the total net keys earned, not your current key balance. If you earn 100 keys but have spent 80 of them and only have 20 left, you still get all 100 back).
  3. Total upgrade. This is the hardest option. Everything is migrated, including your equipment, galaxy exploration, score, tier, etc.

Bear in mind that options 1 and 2 will allow us to issue updates at a much faster rate than option 3 (because in option 3 we’ll need to consider how each change impacts existing data, carefully plan upgrade paths, test for compatibility, etc).

(Also note that we’re only asking about Early Access. The official release will obviously use option 3.)

Post your thoughts, reasoning, and justification below, then select your preferred option:

  • Total reset
  • Keep keys only
  • Total upgrade

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Keeping keys is a better option because you can buy what you had again and it is not hard as total upgrade

@InterAction_studios Will there be a poll for each update?

lol 100% of players decided to keep their keys, I am one of them as well, the update might not come as quickly as the 1st option but it’s still the best choice at the moment

I’d go for this one. It doesn’t slow down updating too much, and the players’ progress isn’t slowed too much, while also allowing them to fix some of the mistakes they did when buying something.

How about you give us the option to create an account? I still don’t see why the current version is a “guest account only” version. Of course, things cannot be screwed up on the created accounts, but right now I’m on the verge of losing everything when I have my holidays in the Netherlands for 2 weeks. All I can use is the laptop. So, an online account would be a great solution for… Any future problems really.

Keys, becauſe them we can juſt go back and by what we already had, or even change it.

That is exactly the purpose of the full version premium Chicken License. You need to spend real money (when the full version is released) to avoid losing data.

That doesn’t make sense. In all seriousness now and that is my first criticism towards Interaction Studios. If this is how it is planned, you might as well not make it free and go back to the old game strategy. No one will play a game for free if your progress is only saved when you pay for it.

Interaction Studios has chosen the MMO business model. Which is not bad. I’m still curious how they want to make it work for a genre like this, but I mean I’ve seen weirder combinations. But if they chose the MMO model, they will have to give both free players and paying players equal chances and equal functions, but give paying players things like faster progress or something like that. If you only give paying players the option to save their account online, no one will play this game for free, or even buy it at all.

Known MMO games are only that known and successful because they used this model in exactly this fair way. Anything that goes before or beyond that is just doomed to fail. Look at other examples for games that tried to do that. There were the games that made their game way too free and had to shut down the servers, or they made it too expensive and still had to shut down the servers.

I guess you didnt read full log. There will be save for FULL users. Why InterAction would spend terabites of memory for unregistered users. Its still in early beta. This thing will be a thing at full version. They cant add account system now I think.

Even if you cant pay 5 dollars to a game at full version. I dont think you need save data…

But progress will be saved, however it’ll be stuck on that specific device and not saved on iA’s servers (though I believe you will be able to move save files between devices anyway).

Hey @Sammarald can you help me how to copy save files between devices?

Why would your favorite MMO game save your data if you didn’t pay up during your course of playing their game? Afterall, they don’t get any money from you. So, why would they? It’s simple, because the concept ‘MMO’ over the course of years obtained a huge popularity. Many of the MMO’s your know and perhaps play didn’t just pull that money out of the air. The constant flow of paying and free users alike gave them that amount of money. It’s a matter of strategy and time. I can name you a bunch of MMO’s that have proven this concept exactly, but I save you the trouble for the sole reason because I know what response I will get back.

Again, this really doesn’t make sense. The save data is maybe a megabyte big. That’s nothing compared to some games with a much more complex saving system. In the end, IA will perhaps save a couple of megabytes.

Interaction Studios would be better off not making this game free at all, and people who are truly interested will purchase it. Done. They could save themselves the trouble of trying to implement a free way to play their game if your functionality is limited.

Just to give you a little hint, I make a yearly windows re-install. So, I start over every year now if I wasn’t a paying user? Or maybe I suddenly break something in the system and I need to reinstall my OS… Or a virus deletes it. Or maybe I accidentally delete it… All those scenarios will screw over those people.

If you offer MMO, do it properly, not half. CIU would be the first game with that concept. And it wouldn’t be a popular concept to begin with if already people talk about it.

But someone like me can’t purchase the game with my country money. ( because my country’s money doesn’t support visa card or paypal or those things )
Don’t see just yourself

What currency is that?

It is Iran rials currency

cough me being egoistic cough nice joke. Anyways: Then again, in that regard developers like EA should make their games free because you can’t pay for them. And if this game goes available on steam, you will be able to pay with pretty much every kind of payment method. Paysafe card or mobile payment included. And I would assume 95% of the countries offer prepaid cards. You are not as helpless as you make yourself seem to be. I am also coming from an age where the only opportunity I had is buying prepaid money to then spend it on games.

Lol my currency doesn’t support them too