Early Access version 121

It didn’t work out I trying 5 times and doesn’t work any longer than.

Also, my pc is never working for vpn

huh uh weird

Maybe windscribe will do you better.

I will try but,you think it work?

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or candy apple?

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Is it really called like that?

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I have found something interesting from back back before even steam release

I’m still uncertain how exactly the transition out of EA would be handled.
Judging by a poll way back (Poll: How to handle CIU updates ), most people would actually prefer to “reset & keep keys” rather than do a full upgrade. Odd, but there you go.
In any case, here are the alternatives I’m currently considering:
() Reset of progress, but bug/idea/EA medals and keys persist. By “keys” I mean your current key balance plus whatever your owned equipment is worth (so you can buy it again). Note that this is not the same as giving you back everything you’ve ever gained – I’ve decided against that, because it has impossible to maintain fairness due to changing rules (e.g., balancing of mission key yields, economy/price changes, plus the occasional exploits).
() Maintaining the current galaxy exactly as it is, and creating a separate galaxy (everyone starts at zero on the new galaxy).
What I definitely want to avoid is for new players to enter a world were older players have already been playing for 2 years, and then trying to complete with them. It would be bad user experience all around.
Early Access version 57 - #81 by InterAction_studios

I guess it changed and now putting new players with old is considered ok (well it already was with steam release wasn’t it?)
2nd option is definitely interesting. How would it even work?


2nd option is probably like Lords Mobile and Rise of Kingdoms where players are assigned to galaxies/kingdoms based on the time that they first start the game, starting at kingdom 1, then after enough players create an account (probably thousands), the next set of players will start their journey at kingdom 2, and so on (the game currently has over 1000 kingdoms). In most in-game events and competitions, the player will only compete against players in the same kingdom.

This doesn’t help much because both games are infamous for being heavily pay-to-win, and there is an in-game item that allows players to transfer between kingdoms without any cooldown, effectively allowing older and P2W players to wreck the later kingdoms of the newer players, except that in Lords Mobile, new kingdoms are protected for 180 days that no one can transfer to, but players inside the new kingdoms are allowed to transfer out to old kingdoms if they want to, which is not recommended.

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that sure sounds like a nice fix


@InterAction_studios you know that when a chicken is in a bubble, it is invulnerable. But berserkers still enrage when they are hit in a bubble.

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No they are not. They are just unreachable with most weapons. Chains, splits, attacks that penetrate through stuff(absolver, aoe stuff etc.) and barbequer are all capable of damaging enemies in bubbles. You sure you didn’t hit them with one of those?

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I hit it with Positron Stream.

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Not for Windows

I’m not adding any more re-skins

Don’t really want to deal with the logistics of reset accounts. There would be practically zero benefit anyway, since even in the event of a reset, keys spent will not be refunded.

Agreed. It’s been reverted.

That’s because prices are actually stored fractionally, and rounded/truncated before being presented.

Yes, so you can kick them even if they manage to leave the game quickly


Server took more than 30 seconds to respond. It might be overloaded (it happens at least once per day at around midnight GMT, when the server collects the day’s statistics), or it could be a connection issue.


That’s not currently a realistic scenario because it would require double the resources (=cost) at my end. And that would be on top of the doubling required by the stable/beta split.


So you hit it with its splits, as I suspected.

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Nope. I hit it directly.

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Have you tested other weapons? Do they also provoke them?

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I tested some other weapons. Utensil Poker didn’t provoke them, Vulcan Chaingun didn’t, Laser cannon didn’t, Ion Blaster didn’t. Plasma rifle I still didn’t test but I am curious about its aura. Most of the weapons didn’t work.

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I’ve tested this and it’s not possible to enrage it while in a bubble unless (a) the bubble temporarily disappeared, or (b) you used a weapon that penetrates through bubbles (Absolver, Positron, maybe others)

Update: Also Plasma AoE


Plasma works, like I told you, aoe penetrates everyrhing including bubbles. So it’s true, your positron split and hit the berserker likely.


Bro, I said that it I hit it DIRECTLY not splitted. But as IA said maybe Positron penetrates bubbles.
Also, what does AOE stand for?

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Your main beam did hit the bubble, yes. But (rarely) it’s possible for the generated split beams to target the enemy inside the same bubble. It would all happen very fast and I doubt it would be easily noticeable.