Poll: How to handle CIU updates

A look on google shows that you have at least 1 online payment provider that accepts, supports and converts Iran rials.

Edit: Additionally, Iran does have restrictions, of course. A look into the legal regulations shows that. Steam doesn’t support Iran it seems, which I find a little weird.

I didn’t find anything any online payment provider but I saw some websites selling prepaid cards by rials

Wait, what if we have under the amount of keys we start out with?

As specified in the text, you receive the total net keys earned, not your current balance.

@InterAction_studios Will they return the keys that cost the equipment?

Yes there is written that net keys are kept not your current keys. That wouldn’t be fair if they keep current profile keys.

Did the update go live? I didn’t check in yesterday :S

I’m guessing not since everything is still there…
EDIT: Apperantly it did. Thanks for not resetting our purchases! Even though the poll said otherwise?

It’s for future content updates.

Ah! I can’t read. Thanks.