[Poll] About exiting EA phase

As the developer said some time ago:

I’m still uncertain how exactly the transition out of EA would be handled.

Judging by a poll way back (Poll: How to handle CIU updates ), most people would actually prefer to “reset & keep keys” rather than do a full upgrade. Odd, but there you go.

In any case, here are the alternatives I’m currently considering:

  • Reset of progress, but bug/idea/EA medals and keys persist. By “keys” I mean your current key balance plus whatever your owned equipment is worth (so you can buy it again). Note that this is not the same as giving you back everything you’ve ever gained – I’ve decided against that, because it has impossible to maintain fairness due to changing rules (e.g., balancing of mission key yields, economy/price changes, plus the occasional exploits).
  • Maintaining the current galaxy exactly as it is, and creating a separate galaxy (everyone starts at zero on the new galaxy).

What I definitely want to avoid is for new players to enter a world were older players have already been playing for 2 years, and then trying to complete with them. It would be bad user experience all around.

But as some people want to keep everything and we’re now, well, closer to the end of early access phase (even though according to developer’s reply from somewhere near v40 it already took way more than he expected), I decided to bring the fresh poll and make a place for discussion on this point, because talking about this in chatting place is inefficient and unreliable because of 3 days thing.

So, write your thoughts and your versions of how the transition might be handled.

  • Keep everything as is
  • Keep current keys only
  • Keys only + refund for important equipment
  • Full reset
  • New galaxy
  • Other
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Personally would like to point out that keys refund is not as good as it sounds: you can spend all balance for, idk, extra lives? And with thousands of lives after exiting early access you lose both lives and keys you spent, because lives in my opinion is not equipment which worth refund, like painted spacecraft or squadron license.

Don’t send Slob God to my house for this pls

I think a reasonable choice would be to transfer all medals and planetary equipment (Gravity Nullifiers, Shields, etc.)
It would be fair for everyone to start right from the well… start, that should make it fair for all players that start fresh. Compared to the fact that you could literally buy the best ship/item in the game with buying that large pile of keys in the shop (10K keys maybe?) but eh, I digress. That’s if you are willing to spend money on the game, and it wouldn’t be any fun if you would just have everything you used to have right from the start. The sense of satisfaction/ achieving something isn’t there anymore. You would just do missions without any other purpose. (That could potentially affect the game’s replayability),
That could be solved by adding more ships and features that affect gameplay, or heck, even make a possible PvP arena in the game that gives weekly rewards for people who are in the high enough rank.
Like what @ScarletCuboids suggested before. The game is definitely not prepared to get out of EA, I would say it’s not even close to being out of it. But we’ll just have to see what happens with time.


Also remind that EA is not even close to an end because the release date of CIU is “When it’s done”

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I want to ask, if CIU exiting EA, the game will be sold on Steam?

CIU Will be free on steam and we don’t know how long the updates is going to be


I think it should be sold on steam to get more funding for the developers

You mean Chicken Hunters License?
That is going to be part of the DLC if you going to buy that one for $5.00

Well, iA’s poll is the only one that counts, in my opinion, but yea, we should definitely get everything back.


But in my opinion soft reset is really fair if the guy with two 100k key medal get all keys spent back?
EA is starting to take too long, maybe will take one\two more year due to Steam EA AND total absence of endgame.

Sincerally I think we should get a softer reset now: All keys spent get refounded but you keep your spaceships (But all equippable gear gets reset) and exploration medals.

Yea. We will end with more keys that we actually own.
The problem is that the solution was first tought like… 60 versions ago?
It didn’t aged well.


People who voted new galaxy can you please explain me why you voted that? It’s already confirmed that at release galaxy will reset in additon to progress reset


Well, if we won’t get every single progress back, we should at least get our current key amount (If we have 20K keys right now, we only get those back, and not every single key we’ve ever had) + all of the items we own (equipment, spacecrafts including uncommon/rare/legendary ones, extra lives, special weapons, mass condensers, etc.)


I mindlessly did that, lemme think again

To be honest it would be nice to be able to keep some medals that are harder to acquire such as the ones for daily/weekly challenges, the space race, ironman etc. but I guess some keys would be nice too.


Medals should be kept, but probably separated under a special window (Maybe on the description of the Early Access medal as part of showing all the work this recruit has been doing prior to release to show that the recruits weren’t slacking off during EA or on a diploma of dedication to the UFH displaying all the things done during EA)


That works!

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I still don’t clearly understand that part.

Basically, there would be 2 galaxies: the one we know and a new one. We can pick one of those 2, on both of them we’ll have different progress-es. On the first one we’ll have everything back, on the second one we’ll start with nothing.
(if I understood correctly.)


Then what’s the bad point of that? Seems fair enough.

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no one knows that the ea would make 2 years for now…personally I was thinking 3 months …ok it’s good start from zero with some keys…but for now start from 0 would be a broken heart I have some 20 constellations completed, ,and the bigest overall high score …how many time that I spend,at least the medals should remain!!

ps not to forget the Spacecraft Showcase evan ther we spend some time and talent…and maybe with an reset the spacecrafts would no be the same!!


And the keys

Still think a full reset is the fairest thing to do.

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