Early Access version 57

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Plan updates which of course nobody reads.

Also this poll.


It was said by the boss

what is this waves?

Bro Did You forget the Mirrored Versions? that’s why the the wave is upside down

Bend It like Becken

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I take your point. I decided to keep the ball near the chickens’ legs (because they, you know, kick it). I just tried inverting the ball, but it appears on top of their heads. Perhaps the variation should just be removed :frowning:

A funny thing I noticed with assassins on that wave: if you enrage them while they still have the ball, they’ll take it with them as they’re chasing you :laughing:

It’s supposed to be sliding down your monitor, so it always slides in the direction of (real) gravity.

Changed in v.58 :medal_sports: Idea

:roll_eyes: You should create a new dummy account and tell me its callsign. It won’t be merged with your other account, however – they’ll be separate.

I’m still uncertain how exactly the transition out of EA would be handled.

Judging by a poll way back (Poll: How to handle CIU updates), most people would actually prefer to “reset & keep keys” rather than do a full upgrade. Odd, but there you go.

In any case, here are the alternatives I’m currently considering:

  • Reset of progress, but bug/idea/EA medals and keys persist. By “keys” I mean your current key balance plus whatever your owned equipment is worth (so you can buy it again). Note that this is not the same as giving you back everything you’ve ever gained – I’ve decided against that, because it has impossible to maintain fairness due to changing rules (e.g., balancing of mission key yields, economy/price changes, plus the occasional exploits).
  • Maintaining the current galaxy exactly as it is, and creating a separate galaxy (everyone starts at zero on the new galaxy).

What I definitely want to avoid is for new players to enter a world were older players have already been playing for 2 years, and then trying to complete with them. It would be bad user experience all around.

Changed in v.58 :medal_sports: Idea

Known, but hard to avoid. Some fences get their sounds overwritten by other fences (there’s a maximum limit to how many times a particular sound effect can be played simultaneously). If a fence gets its sound ‘stolen’, then it will be silent.

The enemies rotate 360o, so they’ll eventually be fully visible. The problem is that you’re killing everything too damn fast :wink:


Hm. Should we increase the bosses’ point values for V58? (Refer to About Boss Score Values)

Yes, but his point is that enemies with balls should be upside down.

You forgot the word “Idea”!

Also should Coward be removed from the wave “Wormhole”?


Mobius, Wormhole, Roulette also have the same <75% coward limitation, but space is not that restricted on those waves and/or there are less enemies. But I’ll remove them entirely if there’s strong consensus.


i didn’t mean that everyone Should understand what i said, it’s normal to play any kind of games

Especially this game have an original forum and now people is helping you in upgrading the game and make it better

so actually i understand the matter of what you said tho, and i am waiting for the full release with patience and everyone is gonna enjoy it

until the next epsoide of this cool game

Even if you don’t need to confirm your e-mail, a nice e-mail sent to our account with something like “Link success” would be nice. As someone that likes to keep their accounts safe. Though, without e-mail confirmation, if someone knew your e-mail address, they could easily take it before you would make a CIU account and make their own, completely locking you out of making an account with your e-mail in the future. So that’s why those e-mails are useful. I don’t really see it as something that would actually happen anytime soon, but the possibility of someone signing you up for something (or atleast here locking you out) isn’t great. Especially if you added some kind of newsletter feature for e-mails later down the line. I think the amount of people that A)Have their e-mail public B)Showed intention of playing CIU and C)Have someone want to lock them out is going to be extremely small if existent, but avoiding such a situation in the first place is I think important.


okay this planet is a hot planet but the question is how?! this planet far from the sun is this a bug or normal or i’m wrong?

It seems normal to me.

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okay but it is not normal to me

and this planet should be near to the sun

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You make some good points.

Well, if you have control of your e-mail account, you can always link it to your own installation, you won’t be locked out [Update: but that would link you to the intruder’s account rather than your own. Ugh]. But you’d also need a way to forcefully ‘sign out’ from all devices to completely get rid of the ‘intruder’. And, of course, if you e-mail CIU support from your own e-mail account, it’s obvious that you’re the legitimate user (so it’s impossible for the intruder to masquerade as yourself).

One of the reasons I’ve decided to skip PINs for initial registration is that it can easily be abused by supplying fake/temporary emails. I see how many e-mails bounce back from fake e-mails on forum registrations, so there’s no reason to think that the game would be any different. Currently (without PINs), if you supply a fake e-mail you’re only harming yourself, because you will not be able to recover your account if it ever gets lost.

But more thought is needed on this, definitely :thinking:

Update: I tend to think that in those cases, the simplest solution would be to e-mail support so that the intruder’s account can be deleted entirely. As I explained above, if you e-mail from your own account, it’s obvious you’re legitimate.


When you added the mirrored variation I was expecting just a flipped one only, not an upside-down one (I know the flipped one wouldn’t make much sense like a upside-down one but still).

How about you add a flipped variation and for the upside-down one I’ll poll it to see if most people want it to be removed or not:

Should the mirrored variation of Kick it like Beckhen/ bend it like Beckhen wave be removed?

  • Yes.
  • No.
  • Neutral.
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