Full release of Chicken Invaders Universe questions

Will the full release of Chicken Invaders Universe be free?
Will our stats get erased after the full release of Chicken Invaders Universe?

Oof Hi!

The game will be free, but in order to save your data on the cloud and link it to other devices you’ll need to purchase a Chicken Hunter License (~5$).
Progress will be reset after full release but all players will be given back all the keys they collected (that includes all the ones that they spent).

For future reference, you might want to look through some of the older posts before making a new one to ask questions. Just to make sure if they weren’t answered before.

Oh, alright! Thanks!

I’m not so sure about that reset.
Here IA said that they don’t plan a reset which is a weird thing.

We said we’re not planning a key reset. A progress reset will be required when the galaxy is regenerated (once we’re out of Early Access).


So does that mean when is full relesed and i played it a little bit and again start up will i lose data and if i reinstall game wiil i lose data and somewhere i heard there is a guest account and premium account

The save files are located in a separate directory so nothing should happen to them if you reinstall the game.

The guest account is the default free one. The premium one is with the Chicken Hunter License.