Will my progress restart once the full game comes out?

So I’ve been playing the early access of CIU and I love it. I’m doing pretty good and I’ve made it so far where I even bought the best spaceship there is in the game. But I was just wondering if my progress will restart when the full game comes out? Or am I able to buy the Chicken Hunter License and keep my current progress?

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Yes, but for the early access players the keys that you used in early access will be back on your new account. There’s a pool that IA created about this. Search: How to handle the updates.

Oh thanks, I really need to read to read previous posts first haha. But you know what would be a great idea? If they made the purchase for the $5 account available now, and you can keep your progress starting now and when the full game is released.

Too unfair to other plyers. They need to start from H&C while you have fully-upgraded M408? They need to compete in challenges too.

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Its not like we played for hours and they just started… it will always be this way.


Well at least you get all the keys you’ve earned and spent back, so you’ll be able to buy all that again.