Mission Type Idea: Exploration

Maybe we see missions INSIDE the planet, similar to CI5’s artifact recovery missions?


Already suggested. They don’t know how to implement planets from CI5 to new galaxy.

I already suggested it actually, though it not gonna be easy since IA only want the game size to be around 200Mb

Yeah, I don’t think it’s because of size. I think that’s because planets in CI5 were linear 10 levels. So if you shuffled them up in some randomization tool you would have a bad time because you could after finishing one level appear in heavy rock that destroys you. So there are 2 bad things: not so smooth transition to next level and risk of immediate death.

One way to make this up would be to make all planet levels start in same point for example middle left area of screen and also end them in the same point. This would be the best since we only have 10 planet levels in every planet, but it would be boring.

(here was second way, but I thought that I need to start a new topic because it could get long and difficult to explain so see you soon in new topic)

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