Plan Update #02

Greetings, recruits!

This update wasn’t supposed to come until well after the initial early access release, but since your creative ideas have already started flooding in, it’s better to explain how the process will work now.


Although there are some areas that we’re most interested in (enemies, weapons, powerups, spaceships), you can submit your ideas on absolutely anything you like (even changing the font color!).

We promise that we’ll look at each of your ideas carefully. However, there is no guarantee that we’ll put them in the game. There are many considerations (some creative and some technical), conflicting requirements, and limitations when evaluating your ideas, and as much as we’d like to, it’s impossible for us to use every idea. Sadly some great ideas will be left unimplemented.


Here are some things to keep in mind when submitting your ideas:

  • How well does it fit into existing game mechanics? It’s always better if base your idea on existing game mechanics because it keeps complexity down. Example: a new weapon that uses the heat/overheat mechanic is better than a weapon that uses food items each time it’s fired.

  • Is your idea fresh, or is it an incremental evolution of an existing one? It’s better if you come up something entirely fresh. Example: an entirely new “Turkey” boss would be better than an extra attack pattern on the Yolk-Star. However, the advantage of incremental ideas are typically easier to implement (see below), so there’s no clear winner here.

  • How fully is it fleshed out? The more time you have spent on it, and the more detail you can explain it in, the better. @Nikito and @Sammarald have got the right idea here. Detailed desciptions and sketches go a long way towards helping us understand exactly what it is you’re trying to convey.

  • How popular is your idea with other players? You certainly think it’s the best thing since sliced bread, but do others share your feelings? It’s always better if your idea enjoys popular support. To this end, we’ll also conduct surveys on this forum in order to shortlist your ideas if need be.

  • Is it an original idea? Or is it just “that thing from my favourite multi-billion dollar franchise”? As much as we would like a full Chicken Invaders - Star Wars crossover, your ideas need to be sufficiently original to avoid getting slapped with a copyright infringement lawsuit.

  • How well does your idea fit within the game’s framework? It’s always better if you work within the spirit of the game. Example: ideas that fit within the 2D overhead wave mechanic are better than an idea that requires changing the perspective to first person 3D for a few waves.

  • How hard is your idea to implement technically? Can we use the existing infrastructure to implement it, or will it require extensive changes to our engine? How much will it add to the game’s download or installed size? (especially important for smartphones)


Not all ideas will make it into the game. Submitting an idea does not create an obligation to implement it in the game.

Even if your idea makes it into the game, it might be significantly modified to satisfy one or more of the above constraints. Provided that the end result was inspired by your idea, however, you’ll still receive credit for it.

If we use one of your ideas in the game, we’ll include your name in the credits (unless you prefer to be anonymous), give you a bunch of in-game keys as a reward, as well as a special in-game “contributor” medal (one for each idea). You understand and agree that this will be the full extent of your involvement in the game. In particular, submitting ideas does not create a business relationship between InterAction studios and yourself, the intellectual property and copyright of the game remain the exclusive property of InterAction studios, and you will have no further claim to the use of your ideas other than that stated above.

By submitting your ideas to us, you confirm that you understand and agree to be bound by these rules.


In CIU can there be a weapon that shoots projectiles from other weapons? explaining it better than when obtaining the weapon shoot any projectile of any other weapon with a firing order similar to Utensil Poker. here a reference image:


Random gun (:zap:20)


Alright then,even though i have no idea

My idea would be to add a new type of satellite,shield. It should have 3 ammo. When you fire it,a shield will appear in front of your ship,and it will stay in the same place until it gets destroyed. It can block most projectiles,but it can’t block explosions and instant lasers. Enemies also can’t get damaged by the shield.
Here’s what it would look like. It should do the job.(thanks to emerald for the design)


thats cool orandza :smiley:


Here’s another idea: nukes.
It would be an upgrade for your missiles,which you can get for 100 keys.(might need to be changed since I still don’t know how hard/easy it’s going to be to get keys in ciu). Just like the scoring unlockables,it will only have effect in new games. The food requirement for obtaining a nuke would be 75 food items. It will travel the same way a regular missile would. Once it explodes,it will destroy all enemies that are both on-screen and off-screen in the current wave. Also,it will ignore the splash damage resistance some of the enemies have(like barriers,which can only take up to 500 damage from missiles). However,it will also reduce your power level slightly.


this is a fat man (fallout reference)


Weapon Idea: Chaingun

An instant white laser will be fired that seeks the nearest enemy. After that, it seeks and damages the nearest enemy again. The amount of times and damage per hit is dependent of the current firepower.

At firepower 0, it would only shoot 1 target and and firepower 20 it would shoot up to 5 targets.


Hmm, that totally doesn’t remind me of the Lightning Fryer.

It’s kinds like the lightning fryer, but it looks like this:


Ah, thanks for explaining.

It reminds me of that frying pan in the intro chapter of ROTY (a frying pan would be much better one.)


That could work,I suppose


Lava Canon : it can burn the chickens and it does %2 damage for the bosses


Retro satellite: this satellite fires infinitely and does a great deal of damage, but every time an enemy or an attack manages to touch it, it will fall a troso of this (it has up to 5 resistance shots). When firing has a small recharge time (to avoid the abuse of this), shoot projectiles of retro normal invaders and in the center of this there will be a ray which indicates that it is ready to fire and if the beam is not recharging.

Retro satellite recharging

Retro satellite departing to receive an impact


Might be too overpower in a sense that all weapon available wil be shot simuntaneously.But if according to your concept art it might be suitable to rotate each projectile to the right or left thus might a cycle similar to the utensil poker.


nice ideas everyone .


Here’s an idea, boss rage mode! Every boss which health drops below 60% for example enters it’s enraged form, then it has faster attacks and faster movement speed, some even get the ability to regenerate. This would make the game way harder. I made screenshot how it would look. Hope you like it, I also changed the UI a little bit.


I like that idea! But would it be an unlockable mode,or…?


No default. The game is too easy and bosses have no real “strong” and dangerous behaviors which are easily avoidable. I mean in my opinion the fifth one had easiest bosses ever.