Hardpoint that changes how satellites behave

This feature is made out of this idea, cause it’s locked now. By the title itself, you can buy a hardpoint that will change how your satellites installed will behave. It willl change either position, movement or distance from themselves depending on what you buy and/or upgrade as opposed to the default back position.

General notes:

  • You can only place only one type per spaceship.
  • The default one (back side) is also purchaseable, as you might needed a more spreaded variant.
  • I can’t actually decide both price and the upgrade price but it should not be above 500.
  • This should work on spaceships that has 3 to 1 satellite slots.
  • This might be subject to changes if IA decided to add spaceships with 5 to 6 satellite slots.

Here’s some of them:

1. Front side

  • The default sattelite position, but facing in the front.
  • Upgrades increase the distance between the satellites.

2. Shield

  • Front facing satellites, but it’s on a curved form.
  • Perfect for shield type satellites and for barbequer for projectile defense.
  • Upgrades increase the distance between the satellites (but don’t do so if you want to use the satellites above).

3. Clockwise rotation

  • Satellites rotating around your spaceship.
  • Barbequer works great on this as you don’t need to sweep constantly.
  • Upgrades increase the rotation speed of the satellites.
  • Can come in narrow or wide variant — the distance between satellites.

4. Counterclockwise rotation

  • Exactly same as about, but satellites rotate around the ship counterclockwise instead.

5. Tail

  • Satellites that chase behind your spaceship.
  • Upgrades increase the distance between satellites.

Here’s the proposed icon indicating the type of satellite orientation used. Three upgrade slots are just given as an example, this could be changed later.

That’s all for now. And this is not your typical shooter game feature.


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