New idea for planet and level

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In space, there are many planets like the (JUPITER).
These planets have a lot of moons.
You can add planets to the game that the moons are moving around and add CI1 levels in this planet.

At this stage, you use the planet’s moon instead of the planet.


Maybe… it is something special to old CI1 though, and it just had the Earth in the middle.
And it probably won’t work well outside the anniversary mission, especially with different chicken breeds and so little space to hide.

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Still more place to hide than in Pulsating Grid xD But srsly… Without special weapons this is the hardest wave in the entire game (including bosses). If Pulsating Grid is a thing, I can definitelly see this wave in the game too.

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I suggested a similar wave, but with suns instead. It’s possible to be added to the main missions as well.

Please check out the ideas.

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A moon’s passing by?

one question. Why do not you check ideas?

If you are talking to InterAction Studios (and note that I’m not tagging them as I say this), they do read posts whenever they’re online. When they find “impressive” posts or ideas, for example:

If they are truly impressive (and ideas that potentially meet all the conditions in Plan Update #02), they will reply or at least give a :heart: on the post.

TIP: Don’t annoy the moderators too much or they may decide to ignore your posts altogether.


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