When will you open the group playing feature?

If you’re talking about multiplayer, that’s not coming anytime soon

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You said this about a week before it was (Vulcan Chaingun | Chicken Invaders Wiki | Fandom)

…and what does that have to do with this thread? It’s unrelated.

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Because of this:

As I said earlier, that’s unrelated.

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I mean what you said here: InterAction_studios

But it’s really not going to happen anytime soon…

Guys, multiplayer is huge undertaking. I mean HUGE. It can’t work on the current peer-to-peer model (up to CI5), so we’ll have to host servers so you can play on them. Apart from the technical issues, these servers won’t come for free. The game currently isn’t even making any money, so let’s get that sorted out first :slight_smile:


Just asking, why are they not peer-to-peer anymore? Do you plan something bigger than what we had before? When a player wants to play a mission with a coop, why isn’t it hosted on his network?

Could it be another thing “Chicken Hunter License” do?

The biggest problem with peer-to-peer is connecting through the firewalls (this has become increasingly difficult during the past few years).

@VerMishelb: Well, yes, that’s exactly what the License will do.


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