Multiplayer in his game(ciu)

Sorry for writing in English, I am Egyptian
Why not add online i mean multiplayer in chicken invaders universe i wish you add multiplayer in this game I hope the game becomes a success and millions of people play it

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Well, why can’t we have p2p multiplayer? Why can’t it work? The game didn’t change so what’s the problem?

P2P is impossible because of cross-platform multiplayer. Btw, ialogoS said that he can’t do p2p according to new security measures in modern OCs.

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for example dr.driving 2 is free game on android and millions of people play it multiplayer for free

please be patient and understanding
if multi will be added (which i doubt) it’ll take a lot of time for one (1) single person to implement an entirely new mechanic into a fundamentally already large game

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