Early Access version 24

Well, space is more colorful and a lot nicer. And the game watch idea was suggested already many times.

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Its not gonna happen. CI background style needs to be colorful^, but in CI terms.

Seems Good
I Think Im Going Back To CIU

Thermal capacity: Fixed in v.25 :medal_sports: Bug

The “most active squadron” message issue has already been fixed. The message itself has more problems – see the changelog.

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Hi @InterAction_studios Where is the multiplayer in chicken invaders universe
and don’t reset my progress please

CI2 background also have some problems that are clearly visible!


I don’t know why the CI1 and 2 background is huge and weirdly placed. It’s kinda… odd to me. I just got used with the standard placement in CI1 and 2.

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Changed in v.25 :medal_sports: Idea

I had to turn my brightness waaaaaaaaay up to see this… :dizzy_face:

Fixed in v.25 :medal_sports: Bug

@InterAction_studios Have the bug medals been awarded to other users yet? I haven’t received them (I currently have 11 bug medals and haven’t received any medal messages in the inbox).

Medal idea: Intergalactic Treasure Hunter - Buy all Legendary items in the game.


Sorry again, but:

This will be very hard to see. Look at the little black point, there the background have the same problem like the one who I showed earlier. Below the point there’s a 2 stars, as you can see 1 of these 2 stars is hiden by this invinsible line. In game is easier to see it.

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@InterAction_studios can you add Arabic language in Chicken invaders Universe please

The starfield was actually fixed here: Early Access version 20/21 but due to an oversight only the 1X texture was updated – the 2X texture was not.

Fixed in v.25 :medal_sports: Bug

@GuestUniverse: Which callsign do you use in game? I see more than one – your medals might have been assigned to the wrong one.

@InterAction_studios My callsign is GuestUniverse2. I’ve lost my old profile (GuestUniverse) because I had my laptop fixed, so can you delete my old profile? (I think it had around 700 million points, but definitely less than 1 billion points)

Re-awarded medal to your GuestUniverse2 account.

Also, deleted your old account. You can change your callsign now.

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Hey IA, since you fixed the purple lasers blind spot on the Hend Game last phase, can you make the Red Beam of every Henterprise encounter blind spots to hit the player? You know what i mean, these sides of the beam wich cant kill you.


Idea: Random rotate of Henterprise (after 20% maybe it can appear in right side, 40% in up)