Multiplaying is fun.Ain’t it?


We already talked about it dude, it won’t be added anytime soon. But yes, it is fun when you have the proper internet connection otherwise it’s a lagging hell lol.


Let’s orison to it comes faster.


Bruh 14day

Why did you bump

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It’s almost close

And is fun but I don’t know when the multiplayer will add it in ciu. Actually is really fun

For the sake of god let the topic close


Bruh :V

Hey.Why do you want to my topic closes?

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Because your question is answered and someone just jumped in and didn’t the topic to get closed, by bumping it

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I think after that much time, it’s a good time to add it. I don’t know why the best things always have to be added at the end. It should have been the first thing, base of the game.

This was already explained several times by developer themselves. P2P (that’s how older CI games work) has some big issues, like ping and the fact that they use one client as server which means it just can’t work in CIU. CIU has dedicated server which controlls pretty much everything and does this very good. So if developer wants to add co-op, they need to contruct the whole co-op system from scratch to make it work on dedicated server.

But after this there comes ton of issues too:
• In CI3-5 game scales enemies’ health depending on amount of connected players (don’t remember for sure, but score might be affected too). But let’s take CIU cowards and slobs, for example: they shoot with some chance when they are attacked so more players → more bullets → more problems with enemies. Of course they have locked amount of possible shots but in single player you also have an option to one shot them using plasma or neutron gun which just disappears if coward’s health is scaled.
• Bosses and AI. No need to explain that in CI games they can attack dead player, so one dude can just stay in one corner and other annihilate the boss.
• How to handle disconnects? How to handle mission results? Should mission result show how many players were at the session? How should it indicate that player was or wasn’t in the game if he just join and leave?

You can theorethically continue this infinitely.


I’m sure iA already has in his to do list a way to fix all of these mistakes, and has probably all of the code for multiplayer stuff on the ready.

or am I just too optimistic for this world?

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If I were iA, I wouldn’t code some pretty-hard-to code system if I wasn’t sure I’m going to implement it.

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Uhh what actually happens is that weapon damage gets decreased


Still means the same for this situation.

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