Early Access version 33

Why this is “update 33” can be “32.2” =/

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Aren’t they have danger zones on low difficulty?

There is already a 32.2, also, this update, as I have already said, is mandatory.

Yeah, of course, i have tried the mission on low difficulty. It isn’t depend on difficulty but gameplay rules.

i cant play!!!

we can play game in Iran! why? please fix it :pensive:

Will Key Rush test return?

Oops, I completely forgot about that! :flushed: I’ll add them to the next update.


vaguely, when I started CIU on my other account, I didn’t feel like completing it. I

Edit: I dont know how the the lyrics its growed lol

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Why dont Upload “Key Rush” how a Monthly challenge?

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Letters. Lyrcs is for songs.

Multiplayer mode is posible in future?

Iranian player can’t play because the game is filter.

From the FAQ (emphasis mine):

EDIT: This post was in response to a comment about multiplayer never getting added, which wasn’t entirely true. Hopefully it is still helpful to someone though.

It was answered, like, 4 times already?

Hmm… we’re open to the possibility of re-introducing some form of in-mission multiplayer. But it’s not straightforward and definitely not something that we can address within the first year of release :frowning:

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Could you please not spread misinformation, at least without any proof? The multiplayer is a very frequently asked question, which has been asked very many times and the same amount of times answered. The answer is given by @VerMishelb . How did you come to the conclusion that the game will never have even the slightest chance of multiplayer?

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Sorry, I felt a bit annoyed that so many people asked about this and haven’t read carefully what I typed. Of course there is still a chance that multiplayer will come, but of course if it is it will be after full release.


Probably yes, but not now.

And some little feature named Ping indicator because i had low connection when i was in game. Maybe the server location is far from my home. I didn’t know that i got disconnected after last wave, but i got completed mission without problem.