Does Chicken Invaders Universe have multiplayer support?

Does Chicken Invaders Universe have multiplayer support? How can I play, if any?

No, sorry. It’ll be added after Early Access ends or no multiplayer

It doesn’t have multiplayer and it isn’t planned for a near future.

Which is ironic for a MMO game.


It doesn’t still have multiplayer, but it will have. Also, you can see the location of other players, have contacts and recive notifications when a contact is online.

Yeah, it’s not confirmed yet so we can’t say that it will be added.


So when the Early Access is end and then we have to pay to install it?

No. It will still be free, but there will be ads and option to buy some kind of premium for 5$ which will allow you to share your progress between devices and remove those ads.

Your mean is like on the android edition is Unlock for remove Ads or Play free with ads?

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Yes, exactly. Every platform that has ads will use them and the game itself will be free. I think that PC will also be free, but not Steam version.

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