Early Access version 41

If its change or bug(dont matter to me), I really like it. It would be cool if he appears from left, top and right when the battle start. It would make him not that predictable as it was before. At least for high difficulties.

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I don’t think it’s a bad feature for high difficulties, but knowing how the game works (it deletes all objects that are outside the screen, like food, falling UFOs, coins, atomic fps…), IA might wanna adjust Party Chick’s position a little bit so that its… how do you even say this lol, I’ll just go with goo; so that its goo can spawn and catch players a bit off-guard.

I also agree with Niki’s idea. That will make Party Chick not-so-predictable and as a result we’ll get a more interesting bossfight.

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Why are the two missions the same difficulty but are performed differently? (Note the red difficulty level)

(in the image below, the red difficulty scale is dimmed at the top . The picture above is not, although they are the same level of difficulty )

It’s waste

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Will be added in the near future.


Multiplayer won’t be a thing at least until the game is released, and even then we have no confirmation that it will be added at all.


Rounding. First one is actually 89.27%, second one is 88.83%


I found same bug as @Sammarald

But with UCO
In mission: (SSH)


I get that bug like three times today

It is now possible for them to appear multiple times as different variants, so this is normal.


How about an egg cannon cannon cannon cannonade with more than 3 phases?

Speaking of UCO’s, can we get the unfortunate encounter already? I mean, joke bosses are now no longer exempt from being added into CIU as proven by the Egg Cannon Cannon Cannon Cannonade boss. So when will we see 2 UCO’s in the same wave? And it wouldn’t even be that hard with the first two variants of UCO’S.


I remember iA saying somewhere that it’s on their list.


With a zoom out it may be possible to fight all of them at the same time.

For every new user that doesn’t know what we are talking about:


I’ve noticed some stuff about Chicken Exponentiality and Special Forces:
1-Chicken Exponentiality should plays CI4 boss music but it should play CI5 boss
2-Special Forces throws bombs one time without moving and the other time when
moving in order, the same goes for the knifes: It throws 1 stacks of 2 knifes and the
other time 2 stacks of 4 knifes in order, could it be random?

1- Already suggested.
2- Already fixed in the next version.


Maybe suggested, but I have some ideas to buff chicken Exponentiality :slight_smile:,
-Change Chick Gatligun for 3 Big chickens
-Change The Armored zigzag chickens for The Chicks gatligun
-Change The Zigzag chickens for armored zigzag chickens
-And change assassins for cowbards

I hope what you like this idea

Edit: We fixed part of 3 zigzag for normal big chickens, thx @Tailsko_COTDS

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That’s dont exist, only Big chickens

I completed this Chicken Exponentiality with SSH, single-life Utensil Poker on my first attempt meeting the boss (but it took me a few attempts to actually reach this boss). It took me about 10 minutes, which is too long.

I don’t know if Special Forces and Special Needs bosses have the same HP as in their original boss versions, but if that’s true and it’s too high and too time-counsuming. Their HP should be reduced to lower than original, and lower than Henperor (I feel like they have even higher health than Henperor).

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is unnessesary, the bug of today is suficient

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