Early Access version 49

That’s exactly how I did it, just that I didn’t record it. Also I used lives and lost a bit of them but the firepower really helps.

More of 90 replies for the behavior of Comet Chase?

Edit: We are talking about Comet chase, so, my tough its what it didnt need to be changed now, i love this new behavior of this type of misión, and it got nerfed in 48.1 sadly, i really love this new thing, and i didnt really care about with what ship use in that nission, its perfect of how behave


Actually, Photon Swarm may also be viable now that it has homing and better spread. Anyone tried it?


Yeah, it’s a rather hot topic (just like weapon balance program). Makes me get a Déjà vu of discussions after famous version nr 10


wut happened in v10?

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Majority of bosses got ridiculously buffed and there were two sides of the conflict: those that liked it and wanted them to stay like that and those that didn’t like it and thought that they were unfair. I think that both of the sides had some good points, but for me personally U.C.Os were a little unfair.

bosses got unreasonably hard (IA words not mine so shush)

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I remember there was also another topic (probably much later), but I can’t find it.


Is it this one?:

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Well that was a lightning fast reply (just like U.C.Os in v10)

This also fits, but still I swear that I remember yet another topic about it.

Comet chases isn’t that hard, though. Well yes, I’ve flown a comet chase and lost some lives, but I still win. Maybe we should increase the key multiplier to 25%?

How about changing the red asteroid belt mission icon to red so we can tell the difference between them:
Red Asteriod
Another question I want to ask about Magnetic Manipulator: Why it attacks with a different type of asteroids, like when it’s normal, it attacks with red asteroids and the opposite?

Also when Henelly’s Comet attacks up&down in high difficulties, it attacks even when the player isn’t under it, so I suggest to make it attack only if the player is under it so we can avoid that situation more.


Thats to know the diferencie of the Friendly asteroids and the other type of asteroids


Doesn’t the friendly ones hurt you too? And also they disappear during the attack, so it’s not that hard to tell.

To distinguish the asteroids that it’s wearing.

I think that’ll make Henley’s comet fight to easy.

Don’t recall the fight, please


The thing how can there be a different color asteroid when the whole asteroid belt is the same color? Maybe it should contain both colors, just one will be more than the other.

It’s been solved, also I shared it for more information.

I’ll do it, but just that my BX-9 is legendary. (I’m not spending another 2.9k keys for this)

Weapon will be Vulcan though. Will upload one with Laser after it, if I’m able to pull it off.

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What’s to distinguish it from the harder difficulties, then?

If we want SSH to be “anything goes” that’s fine, but then cut the two that are harder than it. If there’s no limit to how hard SSH can be (which, by itself, isn’t necessarily a bad thing) how are we supposed to make anything even more limitless than it???


How about this?

Make SSH easier, make the next difficulty have SSH’s difficulty, and then make UG have 50/60% mission difficulty.

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I’m open to any situation that involves the hardest difficulty actually being the hardest difficulty. I just don’t feel like pulling a Super Hexagon (great game btw) and going “Hard, Harder, Hardest” is ideal.


There’s already almoſt no difference between Virtuöſo and SSH. Alſo, as ſoon as we do that, we’ll have this argument all over again for the new hardeſt difficulty.

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That’s why I feel like cutting the difficulty cap at SSH and just letting it be crazy is fine. There’s already plenty of skills and not enough distinction between them - adding more is only going to make that issue worse, not better.