The Yolk-Star™ with maximum difficulty

Are you tried yet ?


Yeah,I tried it. Wish that I could get the version with 7 lasers,but I’m absolutely out of luck

But it’s limited by 6

But the screenshot IA posted a long time ago shows 7


Maybe IA nerfed it or a new difficulty test ?

A new skill level test? I dunno. Let’s wait for them to answer,I guess.

Was the mission you played a tier 16 mission?

Misson : Pristine Protectant
Location : Sun Britomartis

Actually It is tier 15 misson


Don’t need its location. Was just asking for its tier,because that’s also a way to measure mission difficulty. Max tier is 16,from what I have seen,so perhaps a yolk star with 7 lasers would appear in such a mission.

Yolk-Star is by far the hardest.

Currently the Yolk Star only goes up to 6 cannons. We could raise this to 7 cannons for 100% difficult missions + Veteran (or above). But are you sure you’d like this? :slight_smile:


YES, you can go up to 10, I won’t complain, the game needs difficulty.

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It would be nice if ſome of the eaſiër boſſes were limited to eaſy miſſions. As it is, if I’m flying a hard miſſion, at each boſs I’ve no idea if I’ll be fighting the Yolk Star or juſt Special Forces.

i’d like this for sure, and i’ll also like to fight the unfortunate U.C.O encounter.

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Or course

Yes,I’d love 7 lasers,if it’s not too much to ask for. I’ve been searching so long for a yolk star fight that has 7 lasers,lol. Had no clue that 6 was the limit.

The yolk star should go from 2 to 6 or 7 cannons imo

Maybe make 7 be exclusive to max difficulty + SSH?

Yes, why not?

Tbh the CI3 bosses are the only ones that are challenging, all other bosses are a joke