Bug with Henlley's Comet!

When Henlley’s Comet is attacking up&down the screen and reached 75% damage the screen will be filled with comets and a gap and if it reached 75% damage while it’s down the screen there is no way the player will escape(except if used special weapons) like in the image down below:


So to fix this bug make the comets wait when Henlley’s Comet goes up in the screen like it is when it reaches 25%/50% damage,

@InterAction_studios is this a bug?

Yea it should be fixed because it is not supposed to happen.

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Just time your shots well and it will never happen


This is a fine workaround (I’ve never been caught out by this issue for this very reason) but that doesn’t invalidate the fact that it is really more of a bug than a feature.

Vulcan is another decent workaround as it can spray almost horizontally at high heat levels.


It’s not supposed to be avoided, it’s supposed to be fixed.


Ok no.

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(i get this problem every time i play) You can use a special weapon for a workaround

When reaching 25% or 50% damage the comets doesn’t appear until Henlley’s Comet is up in the screen, but when at 75% like in the image they appear, why are you trying to avoid the bug? What if I wanted to get the “not using any Special Weapons” medals and I got in this situation, it won’t be fair for me or any other players too, it’s a bug and it’s should be fixed.

Yes, I also thought it was a bug, but could its creators intentionally increase the difficulty of the game?

I don’t think it’s intended because when you’re in this situation and the gap between the comets is not in the side where you are then if you don’t have special weapons you’ll lose a life and medals that you’re supposed to have, it happened to me a few time and it’s bothering me.

If this bug is not accepted, we can only live with it and be extremely careful

I hope I will be fixed because as I said: this situation is out of the player’s controls.

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Hope so

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This is not a bug, but intended. Henlley’s comet can go up and down on high difficulty

Yeah, but it always stops after 75%, and the only reason for that is to prevent this very issue.

You mean it goes down into the safe point?

I mean that after 75%, on even the highest difficulties, the comet will stop doing the bobbing up and down thing that it does for the rest of the fight.

Obviously the only reason for that is because its broken when combined with the “comet wall” attack that begins during this phase of the fight.

And OP is complaining about how, when timed unfortunately, the two can overlap. I think that the fact this attack stops after 75% is evidence that this situation is not an intended feature.

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Have you saw the example image? The comets appear while it’s down.

Correct, because the comets doesn’t appear when reaching 25% or 50% damage while it’s down.

So, maybe it will be fixed like this: when Henlley goes down at 75%, the comets won’t go up until Henlley goes back up.