Early Access version 10.3



This is an emergency minor update which fixes some unreasonably hard bosses (mainly in terms of movement speed). On the other hand, certain other bosses have become harder :smiling_imp:

This is an optional client-side update, people with suicidal tendencies are welcome to stay on the previous version (10.1).


This update is 100% backwards-compatible.


  • Fixed huge size of exhaust (ExhaustVisuals06) in galaxy screen.
  • Special Forces: reduced max-difficulty speed (300->200), max 3 sets of knives per attack, knives do not receive Veteran+ projectile speed boost.
  • Special Needs: Slower max-difficulty initial approach (400->300), max 6.5 attacks / second.
  • Henterprise: Slower max-difficulty initial approach, reduced max-difficulty speed (400->300), energy ball (‘sun’) attacks spaced up to 14% further apart.
  • Crab V2: Slower leg movement (1.5 sec -> 2 sec). Slower projectiles up to -25%.
  • Superchick: Collision cone of beam attack reduced by 20% to better conform to its visual appearance.
  • Infinichick: Reduced max-difficulty speed (400->300).
  • Mother-Hen (CI4): Reduced max-difficulty projectile speed -33%.
  • Mother-Hen (CI3): -12% max-difficulty attack rate.
  • Egg Cannon: More time between different attacks (especially between electricity beam and red bolts).
  • Iron Chef: Slower max-difficulty initial approach, slower arm movement (0.5 sec -> 0.7 sec)
  • Crab A: Slower max-difficulty arm movement (1.0 sec -> 1.5 sec).
  • Crab B: Shortened duration of outer lasers to match leg movement.
  • Crab C: Slower max-difficulty arm movement (1.0 sec -> 1.5 sec).
  • Egg City: Max 6 bolts per attack, longer pause between attacks.
  • Multiplicity: Superchick attack now has up to 7 beams.
  • UCO (all): Slower movement (2 sec -> 3 sec), will not drop below 70% of screen. Less erratic changes of direction.
  • UCO C: Up to 4 purple bolts per attack (instead of 5). Red laser doesn’t fire for difficulties <75%.
  • UCO D: Number of egg attacks increases with difficulty (6->8).
  • Core: Barrier types depend on difficulty. Increased barrier attack frequency up to +120%.


You are reminded that during Early Access you are responsible for backing up your own progress. Make a copy of everything under C:\ProgramData\InterAction studios\CIU (including all sub-folders).


Good to know!

Btw, what are your plans for v11?


:warning: For comparison purposes, it’s also possible to install both versions side-by-side. Just make sure you pick a different installation folder for this version so it doesn’t overwrite the previous one.


Well let’s see those nerfed bosses now…


since the military chicken got nerfed alot, i guess this could be a real thing now.


Thank you for this, but on a silly note:

When I installed the update the menu options stayed the same (all I did was disable the in-game help and increase the Max FPS)

May not be relevant, but still is something that I wanted to share


Ah, right. Yes, it’s in fact 100% compatible. Corrected.


I can’t wait for the boss difficulties to come back when new difficulties come :skull:


Is it possible to add timed boss rushes? So you have a set amount of time to defeat a boss untill the next one spawns? It would be chaotic to see multiple bosses on screen :joy:.


No. Bad idea. No. Bad. Seriously though they would be only possible if you have good gear.


So? They would be for skilled players not just anyone.


probably would be for these 2 new harder difficulties idk


I have a question can i create account for chicken invaders universe on early access


You can’t create account now.


So in conclusion, All the bosses got a significant nerf.


UCO got it’s 7th gear disabled.


Except for apple core and chicken multiplicity.


Now it shifted into -7th gear


@InterAction_studios Why is not this song playing against Yolk Star? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jlVGYYAF2IE


don’t forget about the egg cannon and henteprise’s boss themes too