Too fast!


Well, as you can see, i died because of UCO’s arm on when it moving. Improve the attack pattern is really good, but that speed upgrade… maybe a little bit too much. Maybe you should adjust a little bit.


He went into 5th gear :joy::joy::joy:

IA really have overdone it. Its too fast, seems ridiculous and unreal.

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Honestly, the whole new boss balancing thing makes no sense whatsoever.
I played a low difficulty boss rush on rookie, got U.C.O. #1 in it’s nerfed form (the post-nerf CI3 one, which shouldn’t even be a thing past Tourist skill level or maybe even at all), followed by Special Forces with goddamn sanik speed mode and an enhanced firing pattern.

Mysterious Ship in a max difficulty boss rush on rookie now behaves like in the previous updates on SSH.
I don’t even want to talk about the Henterprise.

The secret 7th gear that’s to be implemented on cars, that chicken has it already

Not a surprise if we read this topic: Pease Nerf and Fix - #11 by PenguinBOI and laments about U.C.O needing to be unpredictable.

ok i just played a 2/8 boss rush mission and a hyper fast uco came and game ended me

Meh. The French already had a 7th gear in their tanks.
A reverse 7th gear, but still.

He doesnt mean that. He talk about the eggs and their speed and how the U.C.O should be unpredicteble not for inifnity speed.

After this thing i saw, i dont even want to play on missions until this thing is fixed.

Well. Now he has unpredictable U.C.O. Congrats for him I guess, but for me SSH is now ruined because you need special weapons to survive it. Also IA officially stated that you need special weapons which makes me little sad.

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That’s too fast indeed. Will adjust.


You clearly don’t know the difference between unpredictable movement and speed overall, I never said i want it faster.

i made the bad time image of the sweater chicken because of it’s hyper speed. i guess i should make a bad time image of the military chicken now.

Yeah the bosses are a bit faster… it’s so funny seeing mr crab shoot so fast, I’okay with more frequent attacks but not the super sanic speed.

I dreamed of playing difficult bosses, but not so complicated that I died on 4 out of 10 bosses with 13 lost lives (I spent 8 lives on U.C.O)

I just encountered the U.C.O. in the video.

You know what happened. Lol.

I wonder how the mighty cannon and Henterprise act now…

henterprise is total hell :smiley:

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Well I stumbled across Egg cannon… I never thought I’m gonna say this but… I game over-ed…